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More shopping days. More customers. More cha-ching.

Today’s e-commerce makes self-shopping a breeze, but it often leaves gift-buyers in the lurch. GiftNow fixes that, giving gifters a frictionless path to purchase. It’s faster than a same-day delivery, more powerful than a traditional gift, and connects you with two potential customers instead of just one—so you can tap into the gifting economy like never before. Want an overview, download Retail Gifting Solutions 101.

See how GiftNow works for:

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Shipping deadlines

Goodbye, shipping deadlines. Hello shopping days.

GXM lets gift-buyers shop right up until the last second, so shipping time is no longer a barrier to purchase. That means more shopping days every year and more last-minute purchases.

Chances to win new customers

More chances to win new customers.

It’s not just about the giver any more. GiftNow lets you connect with the gift recipient too, giving you new data and insights—and another chance to win customers.

Contactless gifting

Contactless gifting. Good for everyone.

GiftNow’s digital delivery lets recipients modify or exchange gifts in a few clicks, straight from their device. That’s a win for you as you no longer need to deal with costly rush shipments or exchanging merchandise. It’s a win for your customers who can buy without fear of missing the mark. And it means recipients get a seamless, delightful experience.


  • Bigger margins by eliminating return shipping costs.

    GiftNow lets gift recipients modify or exchange their gift—before it ships—so you can save big on shipping expenses, especially those expensive, margin-eating one- or same-day deliveries.

  • help speed time-to-redemption.

    A subtle, but important nuanced advantage to digital product gifting, is that it can potentially offer faster gift redemption than gift cards. Because digital product gifts have a starting point for the recipient to simply select a product, the time-to-redemption can potentially be shorter.

  • Always-on Gifting Platform

    Gifting is a year-round enterprise, and GiftNow is built to enable meaningful gift-giving year round—not just in the holiday season. GiftNow is always on, so your customers can gift 24/7 every day of the year, for birthdays, anniversaries, and those special “just because” moments.

  • Delight customers with personalized experiences.

    With beautiful digital unboxing experiences and personalized video and photo greetings, GiftNow creates an emotional connection between gifters and recipients.

  • Help Decrease Cart Abandonment Rates

    Don’t let gifting challenges lead to high cart abandonment rates if the gifter doesn’t know their recipient’s size or shipping info. GiftNow removes those hurdles by uniquely bringing the recipient into the experience to make those choices themselves after receiving their gift digitally—leaving the gift-giver with less to worry about.

Join the gifting revolution.