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Don’t leave anything on the table with gift cards.

Many restaurants don’t have the time, effort, or expertise it takes to effectively manage and market a modern gift card solution, and that means money gets left on the table. GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management (GXM) solution goes beyond simply offering a digital or physical gift card—it makes gift cards a strategic part of your business by managing and creating modern and memorable gift card experiences.

See how GiftNow works for:

Open giftretailers

Replace transactions

Replace transactions with experiences.

Sending a gift card in place of a hand-picked gift is too often a lifeless experience for both giver and recipient—but it doesn’t have to be this way. With GiftNow, givers have the option to customize and personalize digital gift cards, so in place of a generic email with a barcode or card number, recipients “open” a thoughtful experience made just for them.

Make gift cards

Make gift cards a centerpiece of your restaurant’s programs.

Take the headache out of gift cards and turn them into a competitive advantage with GiftNow. Instead of an afterthought, our platform can make gift cards an integrated part of your offering that drives additional revenue and traffic for your restaurant.

Create promotions

Create promotions that improve the bottom line and drive redemption.

Gift cards are highly promotional. GiftNow provides the ability to successfully manage promotions by targeting the right customers, leveraging GiftNow’s expertise and resources while driving consumer behavior.


  • Take advantage of new gifting markets

    Take advantage of the GiftNow network of corporate partners by serving up your gift cards for events and business promotions.

  • Become a gift card destination

    Create unique, personalized experiences that set your restaurant apart through custom-tailored promotions that can more profitably leverage the loyalty of your customers to drive new business.

  • Leverage GiftNow’s innovative GXM platform to simplify gift cards

    Gifting solutions are our meat and potatoes. Take advantage of our expertise and continuous investment in technology to innovate and improve your gift card program so you can focus on what you do best, creating and delivering great meals.

Join the gifting revolution.