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Engage attendees with unique gifting experiences.

Gifting and giveaways are even more important in a world of virtual events.

Engage attendees with unique gifting experiences.

Gifting and giveaways are even more important in a world of virtual events. Why not surprise your attendees with a gift selected just for them and with a digital unwrapping experience that lets them choose an exceptional gift before, during, or after the event? The gift is shipped to an address of their choice, and you no longer have to manage inventory. GiftNow optimizes your gifting experience and gives your attendees the perfect gift every time.

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See how GiftNow works for:

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GiftNow gives you gifting options for corporate events.

  • Loyalty

    Show your gratitude to your most loyal customers.

  • Rewards

    Send personalized gift choices to your rewards program members.

  • Better gift choices

    You have the option to give exciting gifts instead of traditional swag at conferences and events.

  • Event Sponsorships

    Turn giveaways into a memorable gift of choice.

  • Promotional Giveaways

    Make your giveaways count with fun, useful gifts.

  • Holiday Gifts

    Holiday gifts that make customers feel more special and valued.

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Benefits & Outcomes


    Say goodbye to bulk-buying swag and second-guessing sizing volumes. We can eliminate the hassle of choosing, acquiring, storing, packing, shipping, and distributing gift packages at conferences and other events.

  • Easy Integration

    Our gifting solution seamlessly integrates with your other platforms including ESPs and loyalty program platforms, making it easy to send gifts at scale.

  • Powerful personalization

    Provide a branded experience by adding your company’s logo to your digital gift. You can even add a personal touch by including a personalized video or note.

  • Dynamic instant gifting

    GiftNow provides the flexibility to schedule a gifting experience whenever is convenient—whether that’s immediately, pre-event, post-event, or all of the above. With GiftNow, gifts can be customized for any marketing campaign or event, delivered via email, text, and Facebook Messenger. The recipient can modify it as needed and chooses the shipping destination.

  • Track your gifting activity

    Track gifts at scale and gain valuable data insights for measuring results—including metrics on gifts opened, gifts redeemed, popular product choices and gift spend. Use data insights you’ve gained to see their interest level and improve engagement.

Join the gifting revolution.