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Create true customer connections.

GiftNow satisfies your most demanding customers.

Gifting solutions for building goodwill and showing customer appreciation.

Customers may no longer base loyalty on your product alone, but rather on the experience they receive from customer service. Make your customers feel special by recognizing them with a gift instead of offering money or a discount. Whether you’re resolving conflicts or deepening relationships, GiftNow is the perfect gifting solution for making your customers feel valued, understood, and connected with your company.

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See how GiftNow works for:

Open giftevents

GiftNow offers broader gifting options for enhanced customer experience.

  • Connected GIFTING

    More choices in gifts for an emotional connection with your company and brand.

  • Flexibility

    Have more flexibility around corporate swag distribution.

  • Holiday gifting

    Give holiday gifts that leave a positive impression.

  • Sustainable

    Gifting that is sustainable, reduces returns and
    extra packaging.

Send giftcustomer services laptop

Benefits & Outcomes

  • better customer service through gifting

    GiftNow’s Concierge Service can answer any and all questions on a moment’s notice.

  • powerful personalization

    Provide a branded experience by adding your company’s logo to your digital gift. You can even
    add a personal touch by including a personalized video or note.

  • easy integration

    Our gifting solution seamlessly integrates with your other platforms including ESPs and loyalty program platforms, making it easy to send gifts at scale.

  • track your gifting activity

    Track gifts at scale and gain valuable data insights for measuring results—including metrics on gifts opened, gifts redeemed, popular product choices, and gift spend. Use data insights you’ve gained to see their interest level and improve engagement.

  • Dynamic instant gifting

    We deliver stylishly wrapped digital experiences for most any occasion from on-boarding to holiday gifts. Gifts can be scheduled in advance or delivered instantly via email, text message, or Facebook Messenger. Perfect for engaging customers in the moment or when last minute gifts are needed.

Join the gifting revolution.