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Own the gifting experience and prosper.

GiftNow is an integrated solution that gives your online customers a seamless way to buy gifts and gift cards and send them in minutes—via text or email. Since recipients enter their own shipping info and even have the choice to modify or exchange gifts before they ship, gift-buyers enjoy an anxiety-free path to purchase. And virtual exchanges lead to reduced shipping costs for you—for bigger margins. We call that a win-win-win. GiftNow is a complete gifting solution for retailers and merchants.

How It Works - Product Gifting

  • Pick a gift

    Pick a gift.

    The customer selects a gift from your website, knowing the recipient can make any changes or modifications they like. Gifters can personalize the gift with a video or photo and greeting. The gift is instantly sent to the recipient’s device via email or text.

  • They open their

    They open their gift.

    It’s like a little surprise party on their device. They see your video, photo or greeting and the gift you personally chose for them.

  • They modify or exchange

    They modify or exchange.

    Recipients can swap sizes or colors, or even pick a different gift—all before it ships. The recipient chooses the delivery address and even has the option to send you a thank you note.

  • The gift arrives

    Their gift arrives.

    A short time later it’s at their doorstep—and it’s exactly what they want. You’re a hero.

elegant ux

Give online gift shoppers the experience they crave.

GiftNow is purpose-built to alleviate the stress of gift-buying, making the entire process more seamless. Gift-givers can shop for products on your site without knowing the recipient’s size, shipping address, or style preferences or purchase gift cards. And instant delivery means they won’t stress about shipping dates—for easy last-minute purchases and a rich, robust gifting experience for sender and recipient.

data and insights

Connect to two potential customers instead of just one.

GiftNow gives you a chance to make your mark with the buyer as well as the recipient—and to gather data and insights that were previously out of reach. See metrics on gifts opened, gifts redeemed, popular product choices, gift spend, and more.

contactless and sustainable

Save money. And maybe a few trees.

With traditional gifting, unwanted gifts mean return shipping costs, headaches, and a whole lot of waste. Using a digital solution that allows exchanges to happen before anything ships means no need to handle exchanges. That’s good for the environment—and your bottom line.

More Features

  • Insights

    We can provide actionable insights and recommendations based on how gift shoppers interact with your website. We have the ability to continuously build and analyze a rich behavioral data set that is used in aggregate as a tool to help your brand drive continuous improvement.

  • Customer Support

    World-class, 24/7 customer support is available for retailers.

  • Easy Integration

    Our team handles setup so you hardly have to lift a finger to give your site the Gift Experience makeover. We can have you up and running in as little as a month so you can start increasing gifting revenues.

  • Always-on Gifting Platform

    Gifting is a year round enterprise, and GiftNow is built to help gift-shopping year round—not just in the holiday season. Take advantage of last-minute birthday gifting, late to the game Valentine’s Day presents, or “just because” gifts.

Join the gifting revolution.