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Delight employees. Win prospects. Turn customers into fans. Make gifting fun instead of stressful!

Want to increase the impact of your current corporate gifting strategies? Start with a better gift: that hand-picked, thoughtful present that makes a recipient feel seen and appreciated. GiftNow is here to make that happen.

Select a gift assortment (products or gift cards) for your client to receive as a “thank you” or to welcome a new employee. The recipient decides which size and color they want with the click of a button. With GiftNow’s powerful GXM platform, it’s easier than ever to give corporate gifts that count—at scale.

Have questions about Corporate Gifting? Read the GiftNow Blog post and download your copy of our Corporate Gifting 101 eBook.

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How It Works

  • Curate a gift collection

    Create a gift collection.

    GiftNow can offer you a variety of gift options from top retailers and a vast array of gift cards. Personalize your gifts with a video or photo and greeting, and it gets delivered via text or email. It's simple, less stressful and, for a pleasant change, helps make gifting fun.

  • They open corporate

    They open their gift.

    It’s like a little surprise party on their device. They see your video, photo or greeting and the gift you personally chose for them.

  • They select or modify

    They select or modify.

    Recipients can swap sizes or colors, or even pick a different gift—all before it ships. The recipient chooses the delivery address and even has the option to send you a thank you note to continue the relationship.

  • The gift arrives

    Their gift arrives.

    Shortly thereafter, their gift arrives. You can rest assured it’s exactly what they want. That’s corporate gifting made simple.

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gift impact

Give gifts that count.

It’s no secret that corporate gifting is an effective way to strengthen business relationships, boost employee morale, and promote your brand—and the more personal the gift, the more effective. Use GiftNow to send personalized gifts that win hearts and minds, in a way generic rewards points or ill-fitting t-shirts simply can’t.


Gift (almost) anything with GiftNow.

Give shoes without knowing the recipient’s size. Give jerseys without knowing their favorite team. Give electronics without knowing their device compatibility—or what they have already. GiftNow’s customization and easy exchange-before-shipping options make almost everything giftable‚ whether you’re giving to five people or 5,000. And you have access to a suite of products from top-tier brands like Home Chef, Crocs, Coach, Kate Spade, and more, as well as a broad selection of gift cards. You can also gift personalized corporate swag and branded premium products.

in-the-moment gifting

Digital delivery for spur-of-the-moment gifts.

Since digital gifts are delivered immediately via text or email, you now have the power to engage recipients instantly. That means HR leaders can reward employee milestones the day they happen. Sales people can send prospects a gift minutes after a meeting. Customer service reps are armed with instant corporate gifting abilities to keep relationships strong. Whenever the moment arises, your team is ready to give gifts to win hearts and minds.

Features & Benefits

  • White Glove Service

    With GiftNow, you can select gifts, customize your gift send and get 24/7 support. GiftNow's Corporate Gifting solution handles logistics, set-up and shipping to help simplify your life.


    Create a gift selection that allows recipients to select from up to 10 thoughtful corporate gifts and gift cards from major retailers and more, to ensure every gift hits the mark. Recipients can also choose to donate the value of the gift to selected charities.

  • No More Inventory Management

    Our GXM platform means the retailer or merchant manages inventory and ships the desired item only after the recipient customizes and accepts it.

  • Multiple Gifting Options

    Use GiftNow to gift products from top retailers, personalized gift card experiences, corporate swag or charitable donations—it’s up to you.