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the gift experience management platform

Harness the power of Gift Experience Management.

Gift Experience Management (GXM) is changing the way gifting is done, turning online gifts into memorable experiences. And it’s not just a big win for gift-givers and recipients—businesses that tap into this new gifting economy can transform the way they do gifting for employee engagement and incentives, events, customer service, and more. GiftNow is an integrated gift card and product gifting solution for retailers and merchants.

Gift Cards - A Component of Our Merchant Solution

Bring gift cards into the 21st century

Introducing your one-stop-shop for gift card solutions. GiftNow's Merchant Solution offers new and innovative ways to build deeper relationships with and deliver unrivaled experiences for your gift card customers. We’ll help you create a modern and elegant gift experience—with personalization and design options to delight gift card customers and drive gift card redemption.
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Product Gifting - A Component of Our Merchant Solution

Make gifting a strategic part of your business.

GiftNow's Merchant Solution for product gifting is integrated with gift cards to optimize e-commerce for gift shoppers to help improve conversions, make virtually any product giftable, add shopping days to the year, and eliminate exchanges with contactless gifting. It isn’t just great for customers—it’s great for business too.
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Corporate Gifting

It’s the end of one-size-fits-nobody t-shirts.

Companies that use GXM are finding that gift experiences can transform critical business activities like sales, employee engagement and incentives, trade shows, events, and more. Whether you’re sending a gift to one employee or 5,000 customers, GiftNow's Corporate Gifting solution can help create a gifting campaign that generates goodwill and loyalty.
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Our GXM Platform

A comprehensive GXM solution for all your gifting needs.

Use GiftNow to tap into the gifting economy. It’s a truly holistic gifting platform for gift cards and products to bring gifting into the world of experience where merchants, businesses, and consumers all win.
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All the Bells and Whistles


    Leverage GiftNow’s complete end-to-end fraud prevention capabilities to maximize sales while optimizing the customer experience. We handle all risk management components related to our digital gifting service.


    World-class, 24/7 customer support is available to both corporations and retailers.


    We can provide actionable insights and recommendations based on how gift shoppers interact with your website. We have the ability to continuously build and analyze a rich behavioral data set that is used in aggregate as a tool to help your brand drive continuous improvement.


    We offer tailored marketing plans and best practices, based on our experience marketing to gift givers and recipients.

Join the gifting revolution.