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Thinking of Father's Day?

At GiftNow, we reinvented gift giving. You're going to love it—and they will too.

About GiftNow

GiftNow is a solution from Synchrony, (NYSE: SYF), a premier consumer financial services company. Our digital gifting solutions are implemented and used by many leading retail brands across the USA. GiftNow helps take the friction out of gifting — letting gifters send gifts and gift cards digitally in seconds via email or text. Recipients receive a personalized gift notification and can then modify or exchange the gift on their device, before it ships.

How It Works - Product Gifting

  • Pick a gift

    Pick a gift.

    The customer selects a gift or gift card from your website, knowing the recipient can make any changes or modifications they like. Gifters can personalize the gift with a video or photo and greeting. The gift is instantly sent to the recipient’s device via email or text.

  • They open their

    They open their gift.

    It’s like a little surprise party on their device. They see your video, photo or greeting and the gift you personally chose for them.

  • They modify or exchange

    They modify or exchange.

    Recipients can swap sizes or colors, or even pick a different gift—all before it ships. The recipient chooses the delivery address and even has the option to send you a thank you note.

  • The gift arrives

    Their gift arrives.

    A short time later it’s at their doorstep—and it’s exactly what they want. You’re a hero.

How it Works - Digital & Physical Gift Card

  • Pick theme of a gift card

    Pick a gift card.

    Buyers choose from a variety of beautiful digital or plastic gift card experiences and select the amount.

  • Video and text from buyer message

    Personalize the gift.

    Buyers have the option to personalize their gift with a video or photo and a written message.

  • Message of Buyer send you a giftcard and chosen card

    They open their gift.

    Sending digitally? It’s like a little surprise party on their device. Plastic cards are sent via mail. Once they receive it, all they have to do is spend it (they can send a thank you note, too!).

Customer Testimonials

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea of being able to let the gift recipient select/approve their gift!!! What a concept! Wish more companies did this.”

    — Kim A.
  • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. what a nice finish to a really rough week”

    — April B.
  • This was extremely thoughtful. You've been a great client partner over the last year and a half. Thanks for making this birthday extra special.”

    — Steve B.
  • What a thoughtful gift, we absolutely love it thank you. My wife just opened it & she was quite impressed with how interactive the experience was with your lovely message.”

    — Lee B.
  • This has been a terrific process. We will definitely use it again”

    — Judith D.
  • What a surprise—thanks so much for your thoughtfulness! The platter is my first Kate Spade! it’s a really nice design and I’ll look forward to using it. love you too!”

    — Christine R.

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