Why Gifting Is the Next Wave of E-Commerce

Your business can powerfully differentiate its online storefront with an optimized gift giving experience.

Gift giving, at its best, connects people. With a beautifully wrapped box, with thoughtfully chosen gifts, with a gift card to a favorite store, gifting is a way to show love, appreciation, and gratitude, whether it’s between family, friends, or co-workers. But the online version of gift giving? That’s remained a largely subpar experience. With worries about shipping, on-time delivery, and the uncertainty of whether the gift will communicate the emotion and intent behind it, gift giving often only emphasizes the worst part of the process: stress.

Wasn’t e-commerce invented to make shopping easier? Why has gifting been left behind?

The gift giving segment of customers has the potential to grow if companies can help gifters by offering an easy and rewarding experience. As companies look for new avenues to improve their customer experience and e-commerce offerings, here’s why gifting solutions are a must-have part of the equation.

Digital gift delivery makes remote gifting easier for them …

For a consumer sending a gift long-distance—or to anyone they can’t visit in person right now—gifting in the current e-commerce environment requires them to conquer challenges such as:

  • Not knowing their recipient’s shipping address (and if they must ask, potentially ruining a surprise).
  • Shopping and purchasing well enough in advance so that the gift is delivered on time.

If your business isn’t factoring in how to help gifters overcome these barriers, you’re almost certainly losing out on revenue.

But with solutions like GiftNow, your business can simplify the gifting process. Gift givers can checkout without needing a shipping address; they only need a phone number or email address for the recipient, who will receive digital delivery of the gift or gift card to their phone or other device. The recipient then fills in where they’d like the item to be shipped. That’s one major worry removed for motivated shoppers!

Gift givers can also choose when the gift’s virtual delivery should take place—from as soon as the same-day they purchase the item. Which means that stressing out over the physical delivery of a gift—Will they be home to get it? Is this causing them a headache? Did it even show up?—is a relic of the past.

How exactly does digital delivery work? Get the nuts and bolts explanation of how virtual gifting simplifies the gift giving process.

In the workplace, offices are embracing more liberal policies about remote work, and many business dealings will be occurring virtually for the foreseeable future, meaning that corporate gifts are no longer able to be delivered in person. Digital gifting solutions like GiftNow can sidestep potential issues with fulfillment in this realm too, by digitally delivering gifts to the recipient’s email address and allowing them to choose their own shipping address.

… And easier for you, since shipping concerns are obsolete.

Beyond removing stress and barriers for consumers, digital gift giving has the power to beat out one-day or even same-day shipping options from competitors. Gifts and gift cards can be delivered by text or email instantly, or at the time the gift giver chooses if shopping in advance. And by circumventing shipping cutoffs around major holidays or occasions, customers never face a barrier to gifting at the last minute.

GiftNow helps shoppers overcome gifting stress

Some people are natural gift givers. Others? Not so much. For these well-meaning but stressed shoppers, gift giving can be a major hassle. They feel lost, even when they’re actively looking for a gift or feeling inspired to shop for others. They might walk away from a purchase they hoped to send as a gift, rather than risk getting it wrong—which means missed revenue for your business.

It’s often details that cause stress; more than half of GiftNow users agreed in a survey* that choosing a size, color, or version of an item trips them up. Worrying about such things takes all the fun out of giving a gift—and might become an insurmountable barrier.

GiftNow helps these motivated shoppers, who might otherwise hesitate to hit “purchase” because they don’t know for sure that the item will be liked. GiftNow gives the recipient the power to choose the size, the item’s color, or the version they need, before the gift ships. The recipient can even exchange the gift if it’s not what they prefer. So the gift giver’s stress around gifting is reduced, and GiftNow helps lower the barriers between the impulse to give and actually making the purchase.

Learn more about how GiftNow helps shoppers give more gifts, for all types of reasons and occasions.

Ultimately, embracing gift givers and improving their online gift giving experience transforms them from untapped market share into happy customers, which is a gift for your business, too.

*GiftNow Research Insights study, conducted in April 2020

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