Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Newlyweds, Spouses, and Life Partners

If you’ve spent several Valentine’s Days with your sweetheart, there are still plenty of ways to make the holiday feel special this year, from sentimental gifts to cute methods of showing them how much you love them—for exactly who they are.

Check out these expert-supplied Valentine’s Day gifting strategies for couples who plan on being together forever.

Relationship Status: She’s The One

Now that you’ve been together for a while, feel free to give a sentimental or practical gift, says Aileen Avery, author of Gift Rap: The History and Art of Gift Giving.

If you are already an engaged couple or you’re permanently partnered, Avery suggests gifts that nod to your future life together, like something you’ll use in your home. Or gift an item that references an inside joke—a sweet and special thing that just the two of you will understand. A framed photo or a photo book of a special trip you took together are also good options.

Gift Ideas from GiftNow:

1. A photo frame from Target,

complete with an image from a meaningful time together.

2. Heart earrings from Coach,

to add some color, hearts, and sparkle to her jewelry box.

3. A heart bracelet from kate spade,

for the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Relationship Status: Just Married

If you’re recently married, keep the newlywed vibes going by spoiling her with a pampering product she might not buy herself. Or go for monogrammed or matching items, such as coordinated aprons or mugs if you are a couple who spends a lot of time together in the kitchen, Avery suggests. Or, for an adventurous date, create a scavenger hunt. After your spouse has successfully finished the puzzle, wait for them with a present, balloon, card, or large sign declaring your love.

Show your sweetheart that they’re “The One” with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas. And when you shop with GiftNow, your loved one can make an exchange before the gift ever ships.

Gift Ideas from GiftNow:

1. A silk beauty sleep set from Neiman Marcus,

to pamper your sleeping beauty.

2. “In Love” bubble bath from Neiman Marcus,

to help her wind down in luxury.

3. A “love you” matching mug set from Kate Spade,

to remind her of your love with every sip.

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