Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Brand-New Relationships

So, you’re making the move on your crush. Way to be bold! Or maybe you’ve only had a few dates and you want to express your feelings without overcommitting yourself.

Here are sweet and savvy Valentine’s Day gifting strategies for still-figuring-it-out relationships.

Relationship Status: Flirting

Giving a small gift or token will signal that this person is not in the friend zone and will open the door for you to take the next step. Keep your Valentine’s Day gift lighthearted and fun, so there’s no guilt or awkwardness if they don’t return the gesture or the sentiment, suggests Aileen Avery, author of Gift Rap: The History and Art of Gift Giving.

A $25 gift card to a favorite cafe or a reusable coffee cup with a note that says, “I know you love lattes, and I hope I get invited to join you,” is enough if you’re trying to move past the flirting phase.

Gift Ideas from GiftNow:

1. A ceramic travel mug from Target:

and feel free to add a hint about sharing a hot cup of their favorite beverage!

2. The complete first season of “Friends” from Target,

along with a respectful invitation to “binge-watch-and-chill.”

Relationship Status: Swiped Right

Go for something small but thoughtful, such as movie passes, museum tickets, a subscription to a magazine, or perhaps a group class or an event that they’ve talked about with you. Or get a cute, little gift. “Keep it light, funny, and inexpensive,” says Avery. And make it personal, if you can, with a monogrammed item or a gift bearing their initials, for example.

At this stage, consider skipping the sappy Valentine’s Day card section and opting instead for an artistic blank card on which you can write your own message. The message can be sincere but not mushy, such as “Seeing you puts a smile on my face. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Read on for thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will be sure to impress the object of your affection—and with GiftNow, your gift is delivered digitally via email or text, ensuring it’s always right on time!

Gift Ideas from GiftNow:

1. A kate spade initial pendant

so she’ll remember you every time she looks in the mirror.

2. A portable Bluetooth speaker from Target,

to set the ambiance on your next adventure.

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