Turning Generous Thoughts Into Purchased Gifts, Year-Round

Gift giving isn’t just for the holidays. Here’s how your business can be prepared to capture shoppers who give for all sorts of reasons and occasions.

There are moments in life where gifts are all but required: birthdays, holidays, and the major milestones in life, such as getting married, having a baby, or retiring. But such occasions don’t hold a monopoly on gift giving; many people feel inspired to give gifts to friends, loved ones, and co-workers even when a present isn’t expected.

For businesses, helping these motivated gift givers pull off a successful “just because” gifting moment could open the path to increased sales year-round.

What sparks a gifting moment?

Giving a gift brings both people in the exchange joy; it’s how we show love and appreciation. And while gift giving is often done in the context of celebrations, countless unique occasions exist that also qualify as gift giving opportunities. Think about all the moments where someone might shop for a gift. Perhaps they want to say thank you. Maybe they want a friend to know they are not forgotten while enduring a hard time. Maybe they want to give a boost to a new parent. Or perhaps they’ve simply found a perfect gift for a friend, and just want to send it right away—no occasion required.

Make gift giving easier

With GiftNow, you can remove all the hurdles between a gift giver finding something they want to send as a gift and actually executing their good intentions with a purchase. Let’s say someone has been out shopping with a friend, and knows the friend loves your store. With GiftNow, all a gifter needs is their friend’s phone number or email address, in order to zip them a gift card that will be digitally delivered at the time they choose. Or, a gift giver can choose a specific item from the online store and gift it confidently with GiftNow, knowing that the recipient can change the color or size of the item—or exchange it—before it ships.

Learn the ins and outs of how virtual gift delivery works, including the fun, customized messages and videos your customers can send along with their gifts and gift cards.

Increase your giftable inventory

A gift giver can give with ease when using GiftNow, opening the way for increased gift giving beyond the times when it’s socially required. And thanks to GiftNow, businesses can market all their products as gifts—even if they’re not traditionally considered as such. With GiftNow, there’s no such thing as an “ungiftable” product, since the recipient can modify the details of their gift, such as size or color, or exchange it entirely. Every type of product is a viable gift.

With all types of products made giftable and a dramatically improved gifting experience, GiftNow helps businesses capture the market of people who love to give gifts and convert them into customers.

How your business benefits

In addition to converting shoppers into purchasing customers, businesses can reap further benefits from GiftNow. With less gifting stress and fewer details to worry about, motivated shoppers can gift more, without hassle. In a survey*, many GiftNow users agreed (32% of men and 45% of women) that the service makes them actually want to purchase more gifts.

And since GiftNow allows recipients to exchange gifts before they ship, fewer returns come back to the business. Shipping snafus are all but eliminated, since the recipient also chooses their own shipping address. Rush shipping is likewise unnecessary—GiftNow announces gifts digitally, by text or email, on the day the gift giver chooses, so the item can be physically shipped without the extra cost of expediting it. All of which means your business has fewer complications eating into margins, and you’ve given your customers an improved and differentiating gifting experience that can keep them coming back to your business.

By connecting with and optimizing the experience for well-intentioned but stymied gift givers, your business can cultivate new customers. GiftNow makes it possible.

*GiftNow Research Insights study, conducted in April 2020

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