Turn Last-Minute Gifters Into Buyers

Transform motivated shoppers into purchasers by giving gift givers the ability to send gifts and gift cards that arrive instantly.

Forgetting a birthday, realizing all too late that you shouldn’t show up empty-handed to a baby shower, procrastinating on gift shopping until the day before a holiday or special occasion: These last-minute gifting scenarios are also missed e-commerce opportunities. They leave consumers with no choice but to abandon their cart and call the florist, after they realize that none of the shipping options on your website will get the gift delivered on time.

If worrying about timely delivery sounds like it adds to the stress of gift giving for consumers, it does—a third of those surveyed in a recent GiftNow study* agreed that’s one of the top reasons gift giving is stressful for them. For retailers, this presents a serious challenge, especially as competitors rush to offer two-day, one-day, or even same-day delivery.

But what if you could offer instant gift delivery, and still convert gift givers, even when last minute really means last minute?

Consumers want—and use—last-minute gifting solutions.

That’s where we come in. With the ability to deliver gifts and gift cards digitally, GiftNow gives retailers the ability to transform last-minute gifters into customers who don’t abandon their cart, don’t need rush shipping, and can still make their loved ones happy with an on-time gift. After all, when a gift shopper has gone to the trouble of finding a birthday gift or holiday present for a friend or family member, that effort ideally results in a smile and a “thank you”—not a purchase abandoned just because of timing.

GiftNow saves these shoppers by making instant delivery possible for every purchase. It’s an option GiftNow users embrace.

GiftNow data from the first half of 2020 (January to June) shows that 89% of users choose to have their gift virtually delivered on the same day as they purchase it. That figure rises to 91% for delivery within 24 hours. Clearly, consumers are looking for a solution that will deliver their gifts on the right date, even (and perhaps especially) at the last minute.

How last-minute gifting works.

Here’s how we make it happen. After shopping and choosing a gift or gift card from a retailer’s online store, the shopper uses the GiftNow button to check out. They then craft a personalized note or video message to be sent along with the gift. The gift giver schedules digital delivery for the time they choose; at the appointed moment, the recipient gets a text or email message telling them that they have received a gift. It’s gift giving, simplified.

Learn more about how digital gift delivery works.

Gifters get more time to shop.

Digital delivery ensures the gift is never late and eases a gift giver’s stress, but it also means shoppers actually have more time to make their purchase with a retailer at moments when they’d normally face a shipping cutoff. Even during the holidays and other seasonal gifting sprees, there’s no reason a purchase made the night before the occasion, or even the morning of, can’t arrive on time. The gift giver has more time to shop, and the retailer gets to make the sale, thanks to GiftNow.

Instant digital delivery also helps customers who may not be last-minute shoppers, but nonetheless encounter shipping times that are longer than they anticipated. It may be an even more common issue now, as delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and the increased demand for home delivery means packages may run days, if not weeks, behind typical shipping times.

With GiftNow, the right gift can still make it there in time, all while avoiding issues such as shipping cutoffs, supply chain updates, or logistical delays.

*GiftNow Research Insights study, conducted in April 2020

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