The Best Gift I Ever Received: The Perfect Gift for a Pet Lover

A surprise present for a pup-owning family was the perfect combination of thoughtful and practical.

Melissa S. is a nurse in Charlotte, N.C., who juggles raising three kids and a demanding full-time job. So, she was hesitant to add a pooch to the family—especially when their roster of pets already included a guinea pig. But to her surprise, her husband called on the way home one day and broke the news that he had gotten the family a puppy. “He said: ‘I’m bringing home a puppy. I couldn’t resist,’” Melissa says. “He thought she was meant to be ours.”

Melissa C.

Although she was miffed at first, Melissa (and the whole family) quickly fell in love with the Australian shepherd-husky mix they named Stella. “She’s the best dog anyone could hope for,” Melissa says. “She’s loyal, well-behaved, and cuddly, and loves our kids, other people, and other dogs. She’s also low maintenance… except for her shedding.”

A self-proclaimed “clean freak,” Melissa often complains about the dog’s hair to her mom, who comes over several days a week and witnesses the mess firsthand. But her mom is also a big fan of the pup. “My mom treats Stella like one of her grandchildren,” Melissa says. “She talks to her like she’s a person and totally babies her.”

Recently, Melissa helped her mom assemble some new furniture. As a thank you gift, her mom surprised her with a high-end, cordless vacuum like her own, to help clean up after Stella’s persistent shedding. “I was very surprised—it was completely unexpected,” Melissa recalls. “That’s part of what made it such a great gift. I felt loved and appreciated. She was thankful I’d helped her. And it was so thoughtful of her to get me the vacuum. She knew I really liked hers.”

Melissa uses the vacuum every couple of days and credits it with helping her keep the busy household up to her standards. “My kids, husband, and dog are messier than I’d like,” she says. “The cordless vacuum makes it easy for me to keep the house tidy and it’s simple to use because it’s small and lightweight. After I vacuum, I feel like I can actually sit down and relax instead of worrying about the dog-hair tumbleweeds everywhere. The thing is amazing—life-changing.”

Every time she runs the vacuum, Melissa is grateful to her mom: “I’m thankful for the gift, and likely would have not bought it for myself.”
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