The Best Gift I Ever Received: The Farewell Gift

A heartwarming and completely unexpected gift shows two friends that distance can’t stand between them.

When Rebecca K. and her husband moved from New York City to the New Jersey suburbs, they did so for the same reason many growing families do. “After having a second child, we needed more space,” says Rebecca, who has a toddler and welcomed a new baby into their family last summer. Despite being content about the move, the couple was reluctant to say goodbye to the Brooklyn neighborhood where they had lived for nearly a decade, and where many of their friends lived just blocks away.

Rebecca K.

Rebecca, in particular, knew she would miss one especially dear friend, Jenny. “We were sorority sisters in college and we were good friends ever since then,” Rebecca says. “She was my maid of honor, too!”

The two friends had weathered the distance between them for years before they both started living in Brooklyn. “We stayed in touch, even when we were in different states,” Rebecca says. And eventually, by happenstance, they ended up living just around the corner from each other. “Having her nearby meant I could always pop over and see her for a quick ‘hello,’” Rebecca says. “I also passed her place every morning when I would take my older daughter to preschool. I’d call out to Jenny through her window or I’d stop to see her on my way back.”

A few days before she moved, Rebecca went to see her friend to say goodbye. Jenny handed her a beautiful gift bag—a total surprise. “It was so unexpected,” Rebecca says. “No one else got us any going away gifts. We had been getting baby gifts, but this was a farewell gift.” Inside were T-shirts emblazoned with “Brooklyn” for the entire family—including a onesie for their newborn daughter. “It was so thoughtful,” Rebecca says. “Jenny said they were a little something so we’d always have a little bit of Brooklyn with us.”

The unexpected gift created a touching moment between the two friends. “It was heartwarming—and bittersweet,” says Rebecca. “I knew it was a sign that I wouldn’t be seeing her all the time, and that I was leaving the place that had been my home for so long. But it was also a reminder that I have people in my life who love me—and are so thoughtful. The friendship carries on wherever I’ll be.”

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