The End of Unwanted Gifts

With GiftNow, companies can reduce gift-giving risks for their customers and make any type of product into a gift.

Savvy gift givers, or those who have learned the hard way, tend to avoid certain categories of gifts entirely. For example:

  • Apparel might be the perfect addition to their wardrobe, but what’s the right size?
  • Electronics are popular gifts year-round, but what if their device isn’t compatible?

Such gifts, and many others, are often thought to be too complicated, too tricky, or too likely to be returned to make the effort and expense of gifting them worth it. But what if you could turn these “un-giftable” items into good gift options?

GiftNow does just that, by offering several ways to reduce gift-giving risk and stress for gifters. Items purchased using GiftNow can be modified to the recipient’s preference before they ship. In fact, more than three-quarters of online shoppers polled in a recent GiftNow survey* agreed that the service increases the chance that their gift will be used and liked.

For partners using GiftNow, entire categories of gifts once deemed too risky become eligible for gifting. For example:

Handbags. Purses or totes seem like a great gift—and they often are!—but gifting them can feel like trying to please Goldilocks: This one could be too big; that one too small. This one may not go with their wardrobe; that one may be too similar to a bag they already have. And on and on. With GiftNow, handbags make an ideal gift, because the recipient can choose their own color or swap the bag out entirely for another, before it ever ships.

Shoes. Giving shoes as a gift may sound pretty odd, to the chagrin of the sneakerheads and shoe lovers who would love to receive them as a present. This is really because of a single factor: fit. There’s no faking comfort when it comes to shoes. But when gifted through GiftNow, recipients can choose their size, so there’s no missteps—and no reason not to gift.

Scents. Unless a gift recipient needs a refill of their perennial favorite, giving scented perfume, cologne, or lotion is a high-risk endeavor. One person’s delight in floral notes is another person’s allergy attack. But because items purchased through GiftNow can be exchanged before shipping, scented items now have the go-ahead to be gifted.

Clothing. What’s one of the most common things gift givers say when giving an item of clothing? “I put the gift receipt in the box!” It’s basically an admission that buying clothes to fit someone else’s figure or personal taste is risky, even when you know them well. If, however, the gift recipient could choose their own size and preferred color, or exchange the gift after they receive a text or email notification, clothing is a fun and thoughtful gift. With GiftNow, they can.

Household decor. Taste in home decor is every bit as personal as taste in clothing, if not more so. Gifting artwork for a wedding, bringing a set of candlesticks as a gift for a host, sending a lovely area rug for a holiday gift, only to find out the style or color doesn’t match their aesthetic—it all feels fraught with failure. But once again, GiftNow makes any gift risk-free with its exchange-before-shipping feature.

With GiftNow, whole new categories of inventory are now viable as gift ideas, and as a bonus, all the hassles and expenses of returns are eliminated. For more on how GiftNow delivers gifts digitally, check out this step-by-step explanation.

*GiftNow Research Insights study, conducted in April 2020

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