Jewelry Gifting: Putting the Sparkle in Your Website

Jewelry, like every category, has evolved online and the best retailers and brands are putting forth more sophisticated experiences. To gauge the current jewelry gifting experience and how retailers can match the best of their competitors, the e-tailing group looked at over 20 jewelry retail websites that included brands selling direct to consumers, jewelry specialty stores, online sellers and department stores who have long featured jewelry as part of their assortment. To put things in context, in 2021, the online jewelry and watch sales market size was expected to reach $7.6 billion in the US.

While we may have moved past the all-important holiday season, jewelry remains a gifting favorite for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and as a year-round staple. This is a category that has some impulse buying, yet in many instances the purchases are researched and education is core to ensuring shoppers make smart choices. With that in mind, gift selection fundamentals is one of three focal points covered knowing that, first, elevating one’s selling game, from inspiration to information, should yield long-term benefits.

Secondly, a look at some of those education and customization techniques that support individual interests includes taking advantage of try-on tools and customizing purchases. Lastly, a look at customer service and how retailers are fostering convenient options from virtual assistants to in-person pickup is compelling, as taking care of the customer is always in vogue.


Simply put, imagery is fundamental to decision-making for jewelry gifting.

It serves as an important foundation for a successful gifting experience and its role in inspiring shoppers should not be underestimated. Online sellers must invest in photography to get results that shine. Fossil wisely shows the front, back and side of this watch along with the all-important on model shot. That helps provide a complete look at the product intended to both drive conversion and limit return rates.

Fossil watches

Tiffany has always been known for beautiful products and photography that puts that product in its best light, as can be seen below. They have the advantage of having been in the catalog business for many years where those assets were always on display.

Tiffany diamond necklace

Shinola, a Detroit-based watchmaker, uses both photography and powerful words to sell their product. Such a combination is sure to deliver. This photography supports both branding and individual product details as they call out the movement, case, dial strap and even the packaging in typical consumer brand fashion.

Shinola gifting

Merchandising is always in season and in full display at Jomashop. They showcase gifts for him and her and also take into account all price points for broader appeal. For those who are unsure, they remind shoppers that a Jomashop gift card is always a safe option.

Jomashop gifting

When it comes to jewelry gifting, It’s always a treat to look at David Yurman for their beautiful product. I particularly like how they display their products against a black background. Gift givers are careful about getting things right yet they often lack the details, such as ring size or metal preference. To help their customers, they have positioned the GiftNow capability at the product page. Shoppers can digitally send a gift that lets the recipient adjust the size and color before it ships, making for a truly satisfying and sustainable experience.

David Yurman photograph


Information and education are part and parcel to selling jewelry. While most jewelers educate about the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, carat) when purchasing engagement rings, few are as creative as Catbird, when it comes to giving expert advice. This one-stop destination for this Brooklyn, NY designer has guides for buying an engagement ring, metals, and ring sizing. The Catbird concierge is introduced along with a visit to their wedding annex. If that weren’t enough their lifetime warranty seals the deal.

Catbird advice

Trying-on is a Confidence Builder

Pandora encourages trying it on at the all-important product page. Visitors have the option to see it on the model or can provide images of their hands to simulate the ring on their finger. Their “tap to move it to another finger” is also a nice touch emulating the in-store experience.

Pandora try it on
Pandora jewelry gifting

Customization is Compelling

Jewelry is a category where many buyers like to feel they are purchasing something special just for them. It is an understatement to say it can be challenging to visualize a product, especially given the occasion and price point. The ability to “Create Your Own” is compelling to many buyers and such functionality is core to jewelry gifting. Shoppers can select stone types, shapes, and quality as a starting point. Beyond the functionality, what’s also important is how a retailer displays the capability and subsequently guides them through the customization journey. Kay makes this compelling for their customers by providing a tool that can result in online sales while also better preparing shoppers for in-store visits.

Kay Jewelers


Live chat has become a standard among retailers and the people factor is important in this category. The opportunity to offer this capability means integrating it into the shopping experience seen on Ross Simons.

Ross Simons Jewelry Gifting

For Jewelry Gifting, Customer Service is Predicated on Choice

The times have changed and every store-based retailer should face the music. That means extending their omnichannel services as is seen on Helzberg Diamonds. With Valentine’s Day in mind, their “save the date” strategy gave shoppers a sense of timing with 4 models as no one wants to make a mistake. 

Helzberg Diamonds

Virtual Appointments Outlast the Pandemic

The pandemic certainly pushed retailers to utilize virtual tools to expand their reach. It appears that these will continue to be part of retailer selling strategies in the years to come. Alex + Ani makes these available in store or virtually.

Alex and Ani

For Jewelry Gifting, Mobile Apps Put the Power in the Shopper’s Hand

Brilliant Earth builds out a comprehensive approach encouraging buyers to download their mobile app. Many of their desktop features are now “elevated” on the app including virtual try on, customization, matching tools, a convenient gift section and the ability to make appointments to seek advice or complete the sale.

Jewelry Gifting - Brilliant Earth

Jewelry Gifting: 3 Key Things

When it comes to gift giving and jewelry, we suggest keeping 3 things top-of-mind.

  1. Start with the fundamentals of the gift experience. Be sure you have in place superior photography along with gift capabilities that shoppers have come to expect.
  2. Educate shoppers about purchasing the products and the ways to feel confident they are making the right selection with the option to customize as desired.
  3. Lastly, online shopping is about services and convenience. Make sure you take care of the customer and let them complete the transaction their way.

Lauren Freedman is the president of the e-tailing group

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