Infographics: Key 2020 Gifting Index Insights

We’ve created some infographics based on the findings of the e-tailing group’s recently published 2020 Gifting Index, which was sponsored by GiftNow. The index took a look at how gifting was being managed by 50 online retailers during the past holiday season. You can get your copy of the 2020 Gifting Index here. Here are some of the key observations in the index. You can click on any of the graphics to download the full infographic.

  • Are you “Gift Rich” or “Gift Challenged”?
  • Are you falling into a gifting gap?
  • Are you addressing the four gifting fundamentals?

Are You Gift Rich or Gift Challenged?

Are you “Gift Rich” or “Gift Challenged”? More than half of the retailers evaluated rated average or challenged. The scoring will be valuable for retailers looking to benchmark their performance against a cross-section of competitors. This exercise can be useful in assessing your company’s gifting maturity.

Are You Falling into a Gifting Gap?

Most all retailers don’t provide same day delivery. How do you rate when it comes to corporate gifting, free shipping and personalized video?

Are You Addressing the Four Gifting Fundamentals?

“Gift Rich” retailers address all four of the gifting fundamentals as identified by the e-tailing group.

Gift cards are an expected element of every retail site and should be available on a year-round basis. The real opportunity for retailers is to allow shoppers to personalize those experiences by theme and occasion.

The importance of gifting visibility and merchandising is simple: If you cannot see it, you cannot buy it. The ability for shoppers to quickly scan sites and assess gift offerings is critical.

Shoppers gravitate to retailers where they are rewarded—and loyalty programs are a great way to give gift givers a little something for themselves even while they’re shopping for someone else.

Customer service plays two roles from a gifting perspective: It informs the shopper of a retailer’s policies and supports shoppers throughout the shopping journey. (You can read additional perspectives by the e-tailing group on customer service in this blog post Help: Can I get my question answered?)

Be sure to also read the 2020 Gifting Index.

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