Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates with GXM

We live in an age of unprecedented ease when it comes to online shopping. The fact is, it’s never been easier to shop online – as long as you’re shopping for yourself. It’s a tale of two online shopping journeys and Gift Experience Management can help increase e-commerce conversion for gift shoppers.

The best e-commerce sites leverage prior shopping behaviors to effortlessly guide customers through a near frictionless purchasing journey by providing recommendations and leveraging shipping and payment info already on file. On the off chance you change your mind, these sites ensure your returns are hassle free.

The fact is, it’s never been easier to shop online. As long as you’re shopping for yourself.

But when it comes to buying gifts, you can toss all that out the window. From the triggers that send a customer shopping to the experience of opening the item—and virtually everything in between—the gift-buyer’s journey is completely different. And for online shoppers looking for gifts, the questions alone are enough to send them running: What if they already have it? What color would they like? What size do they wear? What’s their new address?

Welcome to the land of abandoned carts. The average shopping cart abandonment rate globally is 69.61% – an astonishing number – which makes one wonder, how much of this is related to frustrated gift shoppers?

The point is, e-commerce sites that treat gift-shoppers the same as self-shoppers risk losing these customers. And that’s where Gift Experience Management (GXM) comes in. It’s a purpose-built gifting platform that can help improve e-commerce conversion rates and the online gift shopping experience. By treating gift-shoppers as a unique customer set with their own unique shopping journey, GiftNow can help you convert shoppers who might otherwise struggle to purchase.

Here are Some Ways You Can Increase E-commerce Conversions with GiftNow

Here are five tips on how you can increase e-commerce conversion rates.

1. No More Questions
With GiftNow, buyers can send gifts via text or email—so they don’t have to know any shipping information. Recipients can pick their size, color, or even exchange the gift—all before it ships. With the questions that often lead to cart abandonment are removed, it’s easier to convert these shoppers.

2. Bring New Customers to the Table
By offering a shopping journey tailored to gift buyers, you can encourage shoppers to explore categories that are new to them. For example, a man who doesn’t usually shop for jewelry might purchase jewelry using GiftNow—knowing full well that the recipient will be able to modify or exchange their gift so that it’s just what they want.

3. Make Any Item “Giftable”
Gift-buyers typically avoid giving items like shoes or clothes, since it involves the added complication of knowing the recipient’s size and style preferences. GiftNow expands the notion of giftable items, giving online shoppers the power to send anything as a gift. And making a gift-shopper more courageous can be a big step toward conversion.

4. Connect with New Potential Customers
An added bonus of GiftNow’s digital delivery is that every transaction connects you with two potential customers—the buyer and the recipient so, suddenly you could have a second shopper exploring your site. And by delivering a delightful unboxing experience, you have a chance to connect your brand with the joy of getting a gift.

5. Boost Profitability
GiftNow can help increase margins by helping to reduce or eliminate return shipping costs. And because gifts are delivered virtually, even last-minute gifts can ship at the most economical rate. Our proprietary fraud scoring system helps make sure that most every transaction is legitimate; it can approve up to 99% of gift card orders instantly. We’re confident enough in it that we cover any fraudulent credit card transactions—so you can worry less about losing money on a fraudulent gift card order.

And the Best Part Is…

…adding GiftNow to your site can take little effort from your development team. Whatever payment processor you use, GiftNow can work with it. And implementation is fast; in as little as four weeks, you can be offering gift-shoppers a better experience—and reaping the benefits.

We’re produced a guide that can help you ensure you deliver gifting excellence. You can download a copy here.

To learn more about GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management Platform and how it can help increase e-commerce conversion rates, visit our Gift Experience Management overview here.

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