Improving the Online Gifting Experience for Givers and Recipients

A retailer’s guide to capturing demand from gift givers and recipients.

Across e-commerce platforms, retailers have aimed to optimize the customer experience. They are focused on delivering the products consumers want, when they want them—with as seamless a purchase path as possible. Retailers have revamped digital platforms to showcase their entire inventory, offered shipping options based on speed and convenience, and made it possible to complete a transaction with stored credit card data or digital payment options favored by consumers.

But what if the customer is shopping for someone else?

For most retailers, the online shopping experience is still centered around those shopping for themselves, or their own household. Gifts purchases represent up to 15% to 20% of all retail transactions, but online gift givers still face a mountain of obstacles that make the purchasing process clunky and frustrating.

GiftNow helps retailers serve these consumers, delivering an easier and less stressful way to shop for and send items—and a vastly improved experience for the gift recipient, as well.

That translates to two happy customers from one transaction.

Here’s how retailers take advantage of the features GiftNow offers to solve common customer experience problems.

Fewer returned gifts.

If a gift isn’t quite right, the traditional recipient has just been gifted the chore of making a return. That’s an all-too-common reality, especially during the holidays, when nearly two-thirds of Americans receive gifts they don’t want, according to one 2019 report. Many recipients end up stuck with the gift, in some cases because it requires too much effort to return, or because they find out there’s no return policy from the retailer.

With GiftNow, retailers can eliminate that trouble completely. Recipients of a gift have the ability to alter the item choice if they want—changing the size or color, or even selecting something else entirely.

Optimal presentation.

When gift givers send something purchased online, it typically arrives in a no-frills package. Nothing but a note printed on the receipt declares it’s a gift, unless the sender has opted for a gift-wrapping option (often expensive for the consumer and difficult to manage for the retailer). The recipient is left with an unwrapping experience that falls far short of a celebration.

When recipients open a GiftNow text message or email, however, it’s all about presentation, as the gift is unwrapped virtually, in a themed presentation. The gift giver can even personalize the gift announcement with a photo or video greeting. By offering a more customized, personal, and exciting moment, GiftNow gifts match—or surpass—the joy and anticipation recipients feel when opening a physical present.

On-time delivery, even last-minute.

GiftNow allows givers to skip the worry and legwork of making sure a present shows up on the right date; tracking down the right address; and calculating when to send the gift (while allowing for potential shipping delays). A GiftNow gift can be delivered instantly in a digital text message or email, so it’s on time, every time. And since recipients provide their own shipping information, the gift is always shipped to the recipient’s preferred address.

Enjoyable shopping.

Consumers can sidestep overwhelmingly large websites with endless choices, and instead shop with their recipients’ favorite retailers to find suitable gifts quickly and easily, then immediately gift them with GiftNow.

Grow online revenues through gifting

With GiftNow, retailers can work toward satisfying the needs of that significant slice of consumers who are shopping for others. Retailers can improve customer acquisition because each transaction is engaging two potential new consumers, giver and recipient, with an experience that is improved for both parties. (And that experience matters: customers who have a positive experience with a brand have been shown to spend more and remain customers longer than those who have negative experiences.)

By providing an enhanced digital experience specifically for gifting, retailers have an opportunity to increase transactions, attract new buyers, and generate even more gift giving.

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