Human Resource Leaders: The 5 Superpowers of Gifting

Over the years, gifts have become a go-to tool for Human Resource leaders and teams to recruit and reward employees. And why not? In theory, gifts can make employees feel valued by their employer, and strong employee morale is good for everyone.

Human Resource Leaders can be gifting superheroes

And business-to-business gifting is increasing in popularity. According to new Coresight Research, sponsored by GiftNow, the U.S. corporate gift-giving market has experienced significant growth despite the challenges presented by the pandemic and is projected to reach $242 billion this year and reach $306 billion by 2024. Employers have significantly increased their gifting frequency throughout the pandemic—35% of respondents cited gifting more than usual since working remotely. Of those who have increased their gifting frequency, some 66% did so to keep their teams motivated.

So What’s the Problem?

If a personal gift makes someone feel seen, or heard, or valued—a generic one can do the opposite. Most companies aren’t known for their personal touch when it comes to gifting (there’s a reason why 53% of recipients say that there have been some hits and misses with their corporate gifts*). The problem is, HR teams are charged with a near-impossible task. Buying a gift for one person is hard enough: ”Will they like it? Do they already have it? Could it somehow offend them?” So when buying for ten employees, or ten thousand, it’s no surprise that they end up choosing safe, generic, “one-size-fits-nobody” gifts.

But while these corporate gifts often leave something to be desired, it’s not for lack of effort. Human Resource leaders spend tons of time and energy finding, storing, packing, and shipping gifts—which isn’t getting any easier with an increasingly distributed workforce. On top of the logistical headache, their efforts are often thankless. People only really notice when something goes wrong.

GXM for Human Resource Leaders

Enter GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management (GXM) Platform. We built our GXM platform from the ground up to help HR teams easily send thoughtful, name brand gifts at scale. GiftNow makes it easy to reward and thank your current employees or help you attract that desirable new hire.

The Five Superpowers of GXM for Human Resource Leaders

New kinds of gifts
HR teams no longer have to limit themselves to one kind of gift. Our Gift Experience Management platform offers a wide range of options, including corporate swag, gifts from people’s favorite brands, and even gift cards. You can also add the option of donating the value of the gift to charity, if you want. It’s up to you.

Easy exchanges and modifications
The secret to getting the right gift every time? Let them pick and choose. With our instant digital exchanges and modification options, Employees have the option to change their gift’s size, color, or even swap for a different gift. So questions like ”Will they like it? Do they already have it? Could it somehow offend them?” are no longer a factor.

Saved time and resources
Say goodbye to the cardboard boxes of corporate swag crowding your marketing closet. With GiftNow, all physical gifts are sent directly from the merchant to the recipient, which means you don’t have to deal with storing or shipping items. The recipient provides their preferred shipping address. All you need is their email or mobile phone number! Our GXM solution even includes the support of white glove experts who can help you curate a selection of gifts for your recipients, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and keep your gifting campaigns on budget.

Visual greeting capabilities
If you really want an employee or recruit to feel seen, a customized message makes the digital unboxing experience memorable and meaningful. From a video featuring the company’s CEO to a simple happy birthday note, it’s all possible with our GXM platform. You can even brand the unboxing experience with your company logo.

The ability to track and control gifting activity
Data on your employees’ gift preferences and acceptance rates is now readily available, so you can strategize to improve after every single campaign. After receiving their gift, employees can even send you digital thank you notes—so you’ll be the first to know if you happen to make someone’s day. (Spoiler alert: you will.)

Why Switch?

So why are HR teams switching to our Gift Experience Management platform? Because if you give someone an all-star gift experience, they’re going to feel like an all-star employee. And if you can spare yourself a headache in the process, well, who could say no to that?

To learn more about GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management Platform, visit our corporate gifting for Human Resource Leaders overview here. You can also download our HR Use Case.

Jenn Muller is the CMO for GiftNow

*Synchrony-Market Insights-CMB Corporate Gifting Survey 2020

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