How to Reimagine Corporate Gifting This Holiday

With virtual gatherings and remote work the new normal, corporate gifting must evolve this year. Here’s why that’s a good thing for your business.

This year has been filled with uncertainty and change, and that extends right down to our end-of-year corporate gifting traditions. As the holidays approach, we will encounter some inevitable snags in the way things are normally done, including how we select, deliver, and exchange gifts when we’re socially distanced.

The usual slate of holiday work events will be virtual gatherings, and many teams will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. So, how can businesses effectively reward employees and stay top of mind with valuable contacts and influencers this holiday season?

Fortunately, adapting to this socially distanced reality presents your company with an opportunity to streamline your corporate gifting processes and bring them into the digital age. Doing so is necessary this year but also an improvement that will pay dividends into the future. After all, the outdated process of storing gifts in an office, tracking down mailing addresses, and dealing with the myriad stressors of physically managing gifts is better left behind.

With the help of a Gift Experience Management (GXM) partner, your business can take advantage of digital gift selection, curation, and delivery so that your holiday gift giving is easier, more strategic, and less stressful this year.

Here’s how GiftNow, a GXM pioneer, can help you pull off seamless holiday gifting in 2020.

1. Develop a budget and list of gift recipients.

Whether you’re buying presents for your team, gifts to cultivate business relationships, or swag bags for attendees of your virtual event, create a holistic picture of who you’re gifting to this year in order to stay on budget. Knowing your price points before you select gifts will also help keep you on the right track while shopping. Whether your list contains a few colleagues or a team of hundreds, GiftNow can help you seamlessly coordinate your gift giving.

2. Identify the intent you want to communicate—and choose gifts or gift cards that send that message.

With a GXM solution such as GiftNow, you’ll have the help of a Gift Concierge to choose just-right gifts for each of your recipients, which relieves the stress of coming up with inspired gift ideas. Want to motivate your team to embrace a healthy start to 2021? A home gym starter kit might be in order. Or maybe you’d like to host a virtual cooking demo, an experience that could be enhanced by gifting the perfect spice kit. No matter the intent you wish to convey, our white-glove Gift Concierge can curate a selection of gifts for your recipients to choose from, so they each receive a more personalized gift that they’ll value and use.

3. Personalize your digital gift-giving experience.

Now that your gifts are chosen, it’s time to virtually wrap them in a fully branded digital delivery experience. Your gifts will arrive by email or text to your recipient, and then be revealed with a fun animation when the recipient “opens” a virtual gift box. You can write a personalized message to accompany your gift or create a photo or video message to make it even more festive and memorable.

4. Pop in the contact information.

With a GXM solution like GiftNow, all that’s required to send a gift is the recipient’s name and an email address or phone number—your recipient will be able to add their shipping address as part of the gift experience. There’s no need to track down home addresses for employees who are working remotely, or bother a prospect for their information and ruin the surprise. And, with this scalable solution, you can send one gift or hundreds.

5. Schedule the gift’s arrival or send right away.

Your gift will arrive at the moment you choose, thanks to digital delivery by text or email. So even if you’ve left gift giving to the very last moment, the gift will never arrive late, and you never need to worry about shipping times or cutoffs. The recipient chooses their delivery address, and the gift arrives at their desired destination shortly thereafter.

With Gift Experience Management, you’re taking your company into the future of gift giving, making the whole process easier for yourself and your recipients. To learn more about how GiftNow has reimagined gift giving, visit our corporate gifting overview here.

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