Long Distance? Giving a Gift Can Help You Connect

Technology has completely transformed the way we meet, get to know, and grow relationships with each other across long distances. And while there’s no substitute for close physical proximity, when you’re miles away from the one you’re thinking about, technology can serve to strengthen your connection in a number of ways.

This is becoming more and more a part of our reality as trends such as the increased usage of online dating apps proliferate. (For example, the number of young adults using online dating sites or mobile apps nearly tripled in just two years between 2013 and 2015, according to the Pew Research Center).

For those looking to connect across state lines, behaviors like watching a favorite TV show together, communicating face-to-face, and even sharing locations in real-time have been enabled by technology. 

But what about in-the-moment, digital gift giving?

Fifty seven percent of all gifts given with GiftNow in 2019 have been shipped to recipients in other states, underscoring the demand for technology that helps gift givers express a sentiment over long distances.

While giving a gift or token of sentiment to let someone know you’re thinking about them has long been a part of our culture, technology has been slow to enable modern-day gifting for long distance loved ones.

This gesture of sending a gift is rooted in an effort to deepen connection—for the giver to show the recipient that they listened and cared to make the situation better in a tangible way.

Every opportunity to show in-the-moment thoughtfulness to long distance partners can bring you closer together—including technology like GiftNow.

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