How Retailers Can Help Customers Say Happy Birthday With a “Just-in-Time” Gift

Retailers can convert more consumers by making it easy to purchase birthday gifts and have them delivered on time and with ease. Here’s how.

Sending a birthday gift by mail or courier is a web of logistics. Gift givers have to plan ahead, shop, dig up the recipient’s address, wrap and package the gift—and then make a trip to the post office or shipping store. An on-time delivery—essential for birthdays and other occasions—depends first and foremost on the gift giver remembering the big day, and with enough lead time to complete all those steps.

With the arrival of emoji-filled text messages, the instantaneous nature of social media posts, and the ubiquitous use of social networks, which both keep track of birthdays and send notifications when they are coming up, the digital age has upended the way consumers let their loved ones know they’re thinking of them on their birthdays—and it’s often with a simple text or post.

Retailers can facilitate birthday gift-giving.

But in this day and age, why are so many people limiting their celebrations to simple greetings, instead of deepening their connections by giving a thoughtful gift? One of the reasons: Gifting isn’t easy. Even online shopping hits familiar roadblocks when consumers shop for others: They need the right address, and worry about shipping delays or giving something in the wrong size or style. They know that sometimes returns can be a nightmare—it’s a 20th century problem that should be resolved in the digital age.

E-commerce is a tool that solves the challenges associated with giving great gifts, and retailers can—and should—be using the powerful combination of technology and e-commerce to embolden gift givers, so they can send birthday gifts to anyone with ease.

With GiftNow, retailers can better serve consumers (especially motivated shoppers who are already inspired and online) by making it easy to purchase birthday gifts and have them delivered on time and with ease. It’s a smart and differentiating tool for consumers. Here’s why:

Retailers can capture last-minute gift givers.

Eighty-two percent of GiftNow users request to have the text or email announcing their gift sent on the same day of purchase. Meaning that the instantaneous nature of GiftNow’s virtual gift delivery (the gift is physically delivered to the recipient’s preferred address at a later date) saves shoppers who haven’t planned ahead. By making just-in-time giving a cinch, GiftNow can convert potentially missed customers into sales—even if they forgot their loved one’s birthday until the day of.

Moreover, since GiftNow can always virtually deliver a gift on the same day, shipping cutoffs are no longer a limiting factor. Retailers can make online sales with customers who may otherwise give up or head to a brick-and-mortar store.

E-commerce websites can make shopping more “fun” for gift givers.

With GiftNow, customers can shop with many of their favorite retailers, making the process of finding a gift fun and fast. And by allowing gift givers the ability to personalize their gift’s virtual wrapping with photos or videos, the gift “opening” experience—for both sides—feels more meaningful and enjoyable.

Retailers can smooth the purchase path from “inspiration” to “buy.”

When giving is stress-free, there’s an incentive to do it more often. With less friction between inspiration and giving, gift givers can widen their circle of recipients, perhaps adding more long-distance friends to the list of birthdays they mark with a gift, or choosing a more thoughtful gift over an “easy” birthday gift, such as flowers. This can lead to more online sales for retailers.

Consumers enjoy an all-around better gifting experience.

Gift givers may face one logistical headache after another when they use large e-commerce platforms to send birthday gifts: checking to see if they have the recipient’s address, hoping they’ve chosen the right size or color, and wondering if it’ll be delivered on time. On the recipient’s end, there’s the hassle of navigating returns if the item doesn’t fit or isn’t what they wanted—not exactly a fun birthday experience.

How to convert birthday gift givers

GiftNow makes birthday gifting convenient. Determining a recipient’s clothing size or address is no longer a stressor because the recipient can edit the order before it ships. The recipient also provides their own delivery address. And if the gift isn’t quite right? It can be exchanged before it ships, too. That improved e-commerce experience may mean that recipients are more likely to pay it forward: A recent study found that individuals who received a digital gift were 56% more likely to purchase a digital gift in the future, either for the original gift giver or for someone else.

Retailers can help usher in a new chapter for birthday gift giving—one that makes the most of the e-commerce opportunity by removing hassles and helping givers to mark the special occasion with just the right item, delivered just in time. And, this can increase e-commerce revenue for the retailer every day, not just on holidays—which is a nice gift in itself.

Learn how to tap into the gift giving market more seamlessly with GiftNow.

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