How Personalized Employee Gifting Can Make for a Happier Team

Corporate gifts and points-based employee recognition programs are often well-intentioned duds. Here’s how to incentivize your people with something they really want—whether they’re in the office or WFH.

So you’re giving your team a gift. Well done! You’re already head of the curve as a manager, by using the power of gift giving to show your appreciation, and knowing that gift can make a deeper connection than cash or rewards points. Those personal connections are especially important in times like these, when stress can be high and so many employees are working from home.

Moreover, showing gratitude is no small thing: Employees whose managers do so tend to be more productive, and employees say that feeling recognized is one of the most highly motivating factors at work. Yet more than 80% of American employees report they don’t feel recognized or rewarded by their employer, according to a recent study.

Could it be that giving gifts that inspire and show gratitude is an imposing, time-consuming, and detail-laden exercise that leaves even well-meaning managers and HR leaders overwhelmed before they begin? Moreover, gift giving is a task that requires a personal touch; if your team consists of more than one person, you run the risk of disappointment with a one-size-fits-all approach to corporate gifting.

Here’s why you should give more personalized employee gifts, and how easy it can be.

One-size-fits-all means no one is happy—not even the gift giver.

The traditional approach to corporate gifting—sending out a sturdy tote bag emblazoned with the company logo, or giving everyone the same fruit basket—is well-intentioned, but it’s due for an upgrade. After all, getting the same gift as everyone else, especially when it’s a gift that isn’t helpful or appropriate to the individual, is an impersonal or even deflating gift experience. That’s the opposite result a manager wants after investing in gifts for the team, and it still requires a lot of work.

Simply finding a single gift that would be reasonable for your whole team requires thought, effort, time, and expense. We’re living in a digital world, and yet the traditional gift giving approach has remained stubbornly analog. Gift gifting should, and can be, much simpler and more streamlined.

Create a gift giving experience that benefits giver and recipient.

Imagine that the next employee recognition opportunity at your company will look different, take less effort, and be more effective, resulting in a happier team. That’s not a pipe dream: By partnering with a Gift Experience Management company, you can create a gift giving moment that is a win-win for you and your company’s employees.

This new gift giving interaction will be fully digital, meaning there’s not a single gift for you to physically purchase, store, wrap, or deliver.

Instead, your employees receive a carefully a curated selection of gifts by text or email. Each gift is purposefully chosen, with the help of your Gift Experience Management provider, to fit your budget, follow the company’s gifting rules and etiquette, and express who you are as a company. For example, if your company is invested in employee health as a core value, you could include gift options such as running shoes or exercise equipment.

Once you’ve approved the perfect gift options, each recipient receives a digital unveiling experience, which can include a photo or video greeting with a personal message, such as one that details how appreciative leadership is of their achievements. After selecting their gift online and choosing their own size or color (if appropriate), the gift arrives to the address the recipient provides.

When a Gift Experience Management company helps create this type of gift giving moment, everyone benefits. Your employees feel appreciated and valued, and you can easily send gifts for all kinds of occasions: for new hires, for work anniversaries, or “just because.”

Employee gifts that mean more

Why give gifts, in addition to or instead of cash or points in a reward system? Simply put, gift giving is about more than the value of the item. It reinforces the relationship between two people—both with the giver showing their appreciation in the form of a gift, and the recipient feeling grateful for it. Your employees may even prefer non-cash gifts because they’re meant to be enjoyed—unlike cash, which just might end up being spent on basics.

So make your next employee incentive effort count, with more personalized, more effective gifts sent throughout the year. You’ll be thanking your team in a way that they will truly appreciate.

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