How Expanding Your Customer Profile to Include Gifters Can Boost Sales

Is your online store optimized for people hoping to send a gift? Prioritizing the online gifting experience is critical to converting them.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your business sells women’s shoes: hiking boots, heels, everyday sneakers. Following that construct, you’d probably think your target customer is the person who is planning to wear those shoes and optimize the online and in-store shopping experience for them.

But what about that percentage of consumers engaging with your brand that are not shopping for themselves, but shopping for others? How can you optimize for, instead of the person buying for herself, the friend or family member who wants to buy for her, but is worried that those cute boots might be too small? This group represents potential customers your business may be unintentionally excluding.

New gifting solutions are changing this scenario—and by embracing them, merchants can reach, engage, and convert new consumers. We call them “the gifters,” and here’s how and why you should optimize your e-commerce strategy with them in mind.

Create gift-giving confidence.

People who are branching out to give a gift, or who are buying from a brand they might not be familiar with (but know their friend or family member loves), might waver on purchasing that item for any number of reasons. The generous thought behind a gifting moment can get lost in the details (like when that gifter arrives at the “shipping information” page and realizes they don’t have their recipient’s address).

Enter GiftNow, through which the recipient settles details such as size, color, or version themselves, and does so before their gift ships—to the address of their choosing. The recipient can even exchange the gift entirely before it ships. So GiftNow users don’t have to worry about wasting their money on a useless gift, or sticking a loved one with an unwanted present. Around 90% of GiftNow users surveyed agreed that using the service increases the chance that a gift will be liked and used*—vital for confident gifting.

Simplify the purchase path to motivate gifters.

Beyond knowing the gift will be liked and used, gift giving, especially to friends and family who don’t live nearby, can still involve complications that make the process a burden. But GiftNow smoothes the wrinkles in sending gifts and gift cards. The gift giver merely needs a phone number or email address to have the item or gift card delivered instantly, by text or email. The recipient chooses their own shipping address for physical deliveries. So motivated shoppers can move from having an idea to purchasing in an instant, and are able to gift when the impulse strikes them.

Make gift cards easier and more fun to give.

Gift cards have gotten a bad rap. After all, research shows that recipients actually enjoy the versatility that a gift card provides. So how can you motivate an unsure gifter to choose a gift card? By making the experience as easy as possible, and as special as giving a physical item.

With GiftNow, a gift giver only needs to visit your online store to buy a gift card; they don’t need to make a trip in person to a bricks-and-mortar location, or find a greeting card to mail it, or even know the recipient’s shipping address, since the gift card will be delivered by text or email.

Gifters can create a fun, customized message that will reveal the gift card to their recipient. So the thoughtfulness of the gift—coming as it does, from her favorite store, or a store that sells the workout gear she’s been coveting—becomes the focus, for both giver and recipient. And that’s a big reason people love to gift: When shopping for a gift, people often focus on the specific, unique qualities of person they’re shopping for in order to to tailor the gift to who the recipient is and to show how much consideration they put into the present.

Build two relationships with one sale.

With GiftNow, a gift giver makes a purchase, assured that their loved one can alter the gift before it ships. With a customized note or video message to accompany the gift’s digital delivery by text or email, the gift feels thoughtful and personal—and it always arrives on time. With all these personal touches, and by shifting control over the shipping to the recipient, the gift giver’s experience is improved, the gift recipient’s experience is improved, and the merchant has enabled a positive interaction with two customers in a single sale.

More Happy Customers

With GiftNow, your idea of your target customer base becomes two-fold:

  • Loyal customers who love your brand and already buy from you, plus
  • Gifters who want to buy for those people.

In that way, expanding your notion of your customer to address gifting stressors and needs, easily and instantly, can be a boon to the bottom line.

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