Gifting An Entertainment Experience with EVO Gift Cards

Over the holidays, shoppers were grappling with supply and shipping issues. In many cases, gift cards shaped up to be the hero gift of the 2021 holiday season, as they helped gifters gift more confidently despite the unpredictable holiday shopping landscape. With new digital gifting solutions, gifters can give a more personalized touch to gift cards, while expanding their selection of creative and meaningful gifts, including gifting a memorable and enjoyable entertainment experience.

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EVO: Gifting an Entertainment Experience

EVO Entertainment Group, the state-of-the-art, one-stop entertainment destination for movies, bowling, gaming, and food with locations throughout Texas, partnered with GiftNow to provide a unique digital gift card experience. By visiting EVO’s website, gift givers can create a customized digital gift card with options including personalized photos, a recorded video greeting, or interactive written messages that can be delivered to recipients via email or text. The surprise and delight of digitally “unwrapping” EVO gift cards delivers a one-of-a-kind, memorable gifting experience, encouraging recipients to redeem their gift at an EVO Entertainment location.

Re-envisioning Out-of-home Entertainment

In 2014, EVO’s founders set out on a mission to disrupt a cinema industry that had remained generally unchanged for nearly a century. Their goal was to create a state-of-the-art, one-stop entertainment destination. Today, EVO is an out-of-home entertainment operator that has built a reputation as one of the fastest growing cinema-circuits in the USA, and a true leader in the experiential-entertainment space. EVO has more than 1,000 team members and entertains over three million guests annually.

It’s More Than a Gift Card – It’s Gifting an Entertainment Experience

Because EVO is a one-stop entertainment destination, an EVO gift card is more than just the monetary value – it represents an event, something fun and memorable for the recipient and their friends and family. Gift recipients can choose to see a wide variety of new major motion pictures such as Spiderman – No Way Home, The Matrix – Resurrections, West Side Story, as well as classic films in their Flashback Cinema® series and private screenings.

But EVO is about more than just great film experiences. In less than five years, EVO has grown from 11 screens in one location to 71 screens, 38 bowling lanes, three full-service restaurant/bars, three live music venues and over 200 video arcade games across eight locations, with more on the way.

Gifting an Entertainment Experience. - Party Scene at EVO

EVO’s entertainment venues also offer parties for kids as well as adults and corporate events. In many ways, an EVO gift card can be the perfect gift because EVO delivers an experience for everyone.

Gifting an Entertainment Experience - Kids Party at EVO

GiftNow: A Holistic, Unified Solution for Merchant Gift Card Needs

A legacy gift card system isn’t enough to tap into the full breadth of today’s growing gifting economy. With GiftNow gift cards, merchants can offer a personalized experience, track the user journeys of both gifters and recipients, and help speed gift card redemption. GiftNow also makes it easy for merchants to manage promotions and target customers most effectively. GiftNow allows merchants to run promotions (such as “Buy One Get One”) to help drive consumer behavior.

It’s All About the Experience

When you want to show someone you care and make them feel special and valued, it’s important to focus on the sentiment and, with EVO’s digital gift card offerings, they’ve made it easy for gifting an entertainment experience…one that can bring lasting memories and keep their guests coming back for more.

Kevin Payne is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing for GiftNow.

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