Gift Experience Management (GXM), Explained

The gift giving experience for e-commerce—which should involve a holistic approach but is too often an afterthought—could be an opportunity for your business. Will you take advantage of Gift Experience Management or be left behind?

We’re living in the age of the customer. Online shopping, disruptive technology, social media: All these factors have given customers the agency to simply walk away from brands and companies that don’t provide what they need, how and when they need it. In these conditions, customer experience is everything, and many successful companies have reinvented their business models (and their industries) to capitalize on it.

Yet despite this customer-centric environment, the online gift shopping experience has been left behind. Instead of streamlined retail e-commerce gifting experiences that turn gifting into a year-round revenue generator for merchants of all kinds, shopping for gifts online is still difficult. But it needn’t be this way.

The Gift Experience Gap

Think of online gift giving as customers experience it today. Finding the perfect gift can be a headache, then there’s the frantic search for a shipping address, and finally the gift arrives in a lackluster box or envelope. If the gift still isn’t right when it reaches the recipient’s doorstep, well, it’s too late, and now the recipient is stuck with returning the gift or discarding it.

The experience doesn’t feel personalized or joyful, and it often falls short of serving what it should be—a thoughtful embodiment of the relationship between giver and recipient. Because of that, shoppers might not send gifts as often as they’d like or want to, and gifting doesn’t reach its potential as a form of social currency and goodwill.

We call this the Gift Experience Gap, and it could be hindering your business.

Gift Experience Management: A Holistic Solution

Gift Experience Management (GXM) is the turn-key solution that can help companies bridge the Gift Experience Gap and handle e-commerce gifting moments seamlessly. By focusing on the experience of gifting and providing an integrated, omnichannel approach, GXM allows merchants to connect with their customers at the crucial moment: when they’re thinking generous thoughts.

So what does Gift Experience Management look like in practice, and how will it make gifting more ubiquitous?

It looks like merchants using data to anticipate the needs of gift givers and recipients, and delivering on those needs.

It looks like customers who are freed from worrying over the details of gift giving—the right size, her current shipping address, etc.—and are able to embrace gifting when inspiration strikes.

It looks like gift giving that is an organic, strategic part of your business, not an afterthought.

Utilizing digital gift selection, digital gift modification, and instant virtual delivery, Gift Experience Management can truly create a customer-first gift experience—that can generate higher sales, conversions, and revenue for your business.


For more on the details of how GiftNow delivers, read our blog article here.


The Future: How Forward-Thinking Businesses Will Benefit from GXM

Purpose-built gifting experiences have the ability to transform the retail category, making gifting a priority rather than a nice-to-have.

By clearing away obstacles that impede gift giving, making it easier and less stressful, retailers can see higher conversion rates and increased brand loyalty. And because GiftNow offers instant digital delivery by text or email, merchants (and their customers) can benefit from expanded shopping days—meaning there’s no cutoff due to shipping times before a major holiday. That creates a whole pool of last-minute shoppers who can easily become customers. And with more personalized gift card experiences, a Gift Experience Management partner can make gift cards an area of expansion within the gift giving segment.

Perhaps most importantly, as gift givers have the ability to give more easily and more often, merchants who embrace Gift Experience Management will contribute to a more active gifting economy—one that can bring higher conversions and lower costs—all of which points to increased revenue.

At GiftNow, we’re proud to be pioneering Gift Experience Management, and we’re already powering some of the best brands in the world in their quest to be ready for the gift giving experience of tomorrow.

To find out more about what GiftNow can do for your business, visit our Product Overview page here.

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