8 Ways to Find a Great Gift for Her

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or “just because” gift for her, finding the right item to express just the right message isn’t easy. We’re here to help with this easy guide to help you find the a great gift she’ll love.

How to discover what to gift

Some people are notably great at giving gifts—and for some, gifting doesn’t come easy. For those who weren’t born with the gift giving gene, shopping for a gift can sometimes even feel like a stressor or chore.

While GiftNow can alleviate the pressures that are sometimes associated with giving “the perfect gift,” here are a few starter tips to help you discover a gift she’ll love.

1. Start with her favorite brands and hobbies.

Is her prize accessory a Fossil watch? Does she live for after-work fitness classes? Start by thinking about where your recipient likes to shop, what items she seems to take pride in wearing, and how she spends her downtime. Chances are, even if you simply look at her calendar or the brand label on that favorite pair of shoes sitting in her closet, learning her favorite pastimes and brands can be a good starting point for where to shop for a gift.

2. Reflect on impactful moments or experiences you’ve had together.

Consider the interests, hobbies, and moments you’ve shared that have contributed to areas of connection between you and your recipient.

Have the same favorite band? Look for a new album or t-shirt. Host a regular book swap on a particular theme? Check out new releases or a hardcover anthology in that genre. Whatever brings you together, use that as fuel to uncover a great gift.

3. Focus on joy as much as utility.

One common refrain about gifting states that the best gifts are things that the recipient will enjoy but would never buy for themself. Find a gift that falls somewhere on the scale between practical to outrageous and it may feel more like a treat.

4. Think back on gifts she’s given you.

People often give gifts they’d like to receive themselves. If you’ve received a gift from your recipient in the past, use that as a clue to guide what you should buy, how much you should spend, etc.

5. Add a little personalization.

Finding a gift that is reflective of your recipient’s style, favorite color, right size, and more can be difficult. But there are some gifts (like this initial pendant from Kate Spade, which happens to be one of the top items gifted with GiftNow of 2019) that are easy to personalize. Consider her name, initials, favorite sports team, etc. and you could be one step closer to the right gift.

Hopefully, by now you’ve found an option you can be proud of gifting. If you’re still looking, these next three tips can help you dive a little deeper.

6. Check her online presence.

You don’t have to snoop to uncover some interesting gift ideas from social media and other sites. Take a look at your recipient’s public Pinterest boards, Amazon wish lists, and what brands/products she likes on Facebook and Instagram. There’s a chance she’s already “liked” an item she’s waiting to receive as a gift.

7. Ask around.

If none of the above steps have helped thus far, you can consider going the more direct route of asking for help. Asking her friends, a store clerk, or looking to forums (like this blog) for gift ideas can help you discover a great option without ruining the surprise.

8. Give the gift of choice.

Perhaps one of the best ways to give a great gift is to eliminate pressure from the recipient experience (and we don’t mean including a gift receipt). With GiftNow, any gift you send can be easily modified—meaning she can select her favorite color or size—or exchanged for a different item before it’s even sent. This option, the gift of choice, is perhaps the most foolproof way to make sure she loves her gift.

With these tips in hand, you should have a foundation for finding a great gift can uplevel by using GiftNow.

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