Digitally Gifting Jewelry: Insights from GiftNow

The team at GiftNow aggregated data from the network of GiftNow partners to provide insights into consumer behavior for digitally gifting jewelry for 2021.

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GiftNow’s holistic Gift Experience Management (GXM) platform takes the friction out of gifting – letting gifters send gifts and gift cards digitally in seconds via email or text. Recipients receive a personalized gift notification and can then modify or exchange the gift on their device before it ships. GiftNow helps make it easier for those wanting to digitally gift jewelry by helping reduce the anxiety of giving someone a gift when they may not know the recipient’s size, color or style preferences.

Some Interesting Factoids About Digitally Gifting Jewelry

There are many reasons people might digitally gift jewelry. Based on our aggregated data, we found that, while a digital gift could be scheduled for future delivery, 83% chose immediate delivery of their gifts, meaning the recipient received an email or text notification within minutes…a great option for those of us who may have forgotten about an anniversary or birthday! 51% of gifts were “last minute” for the holidays. Gift givers may often be procrastinators but digital gifting can help!

Interesting Jewelry Factoids

Gifting by Occasion

When it came to gifting by occasion in 2021, the aggregated data showed the birthdays were the most popular occasion for digitally gifting jewelry, at 39% and “just because” coming in second at 20% but the December holidays, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day also represented popular occasions.

Gifts by Occasion

Not surprisingly, when we look at the most popular months for digitally gifting jewelry, December, May and February ranked 1, 2 and 3 and September was the least popular month by just a smidgen.

Jewelry orders by month

Average Order Size

Average order size varied significantly with anniversaries – with an AOV of $487 – leading the way. I found it interesting that Father’s Day, while not one of the top occasions, finished third out of 11 when it came to AOV and Mother’s Day was last at eleventh with an AOV of $178.

Average Order Size

Digitally Gifting Jewelry: Top Categories

Watches were the most popular jewelry item gifted at 36%, followed by bracelets and earrings at 18% each.

Orders by jewelry category for digitally gifting jewelry

Accept, Alter or Exchange?

With GiftNow, gift recipients can easily accept the gift as selected by the sender, alter it for size, color and style or exchange it for another gift or a gift card. Two thirds of the senders seemed to have done a good job as 66% of the recipients accepted the gifts exactly as they were selected by the sender.

Recipient action for digitally gifting jewelry

Insights for Retailers

These insights can help retailers improve their gifting services and revenues. If you’d like to learn more about GiftNow and the jewelry category, please read the Catbird Case Study or this blog post Gifting Jewelry – Opening New Revenue Opportunities. You can download a copy of the Jewelry infographic here.

Kevin Payne is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing for GiftNow

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