Corporate Gifting for Agencies: Stand Out with GXM

It’s no secret that gift giving can be an integral part of a business strategy. Sending the right gift could be the difference between a triumphant event and a forgettable one, a satisfied customer and a negative review, or a successful sweepstakes or lackluster contest. When clients trust creative and marketing agencies to manage their gifting efforts, they’re trusting them with something that can have a significant impact on their business. Successful corporate gifting for agencies, leveraging a Gift Experience Management platform, can help an agency stand out from the crowd and build client relationships.

And the corporate gifting market is huge According to Coresight Research, the US corporate gifting market is estimated to be $242 billion in 2021 and grow to $306 billion by the end of 2024.

Was Corporate Gifting for Agencies Ever Easy?

The thing is, managing corporate gifting is no easy feat. Securing inventory can be a huge challenge—the whole process of ordering, storage, and shipping costs agencies valuable time and manpower. Plus, good luck shopping for recipients that the clients don’t even know—it’s a shot in the dark. Even the most thoughtful agency can’t guarantee that every single recipient will be happy with their gift. 

Corporate Gifting for Agencies Team at work.

Most every agency faces the same gifting hurdles. The question becomes, how do you set yourself apart? How do you run campaigns faster and more efficiently? How do you stand out to clients?

The answer: GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management (GXM) platform. It’s an innovative gifting solution that helps agencies streamline the gifting process, save time and money—and wow and win clients. 

Why Clients Love GXM

Name brand gifts

In addition to corporate swag, our GXM platform offers products from leading brands like Target, Uniqlo, Kenneth Cole and more or offer a wide-variety of gift card options. You can run gifting programs with high quality products that people actually want.

Every gift hits the mark

Recipients can choose from multiple gift or gift card options, modify or exchange, or opt to donate their gift’s dollar amount—so no matter what they’re sent, they’ll love it.

Personal messages

From a video message featuring the company’s CEO to a simple happy birthday note, it’s all possible with our GXM platform. You can even brand the unboxing experience with the company’s logo.

New kinds of gifts

Since recipients pick their own size and color preference upon receipt, gifts that required lots of detective work before, such as shirts, jewelry, and shoes, are now easily giftable. Additionally with GiftNow, gift cards and charitable donations are now on the table providing more options for those who don’t want physical gifts.

Valuable data and insights

With comprehensive gift tracking insights, teams can see every recipient is interacting with their gift. This helps ensure that each gifting campaign will be more fun and efficient than the last, since you’ll know exactly which gifts are working and which ones aren’t.

Why Agencies Love GXM

White glove service

Agencies don’t have to handle all the grunt work anymore. GiftNow’s GXM platform provides white glove experts that can curate a selection of gifts appropriate for the recipients and work with you every step of the way—all while keeping the project on budget.

No need for inventory management

The days of messy marketing closets are over. All physical gifts go straight from the merchant to the recipient, so you can forget about the logistical headache that comes with storing, packaging, and shipping gifts.

The End of the Marketing Closet

No shipping address required
Don’t waste time chasing down dozens or hundreds or thousands of shipping addresses. With GiftNow’s GXM platform, all gifts are delivered digitally, and then recipients enter their own shipping info. All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile number. Simple as that.

Fully Scalable

GiftNow is just as easy if you’re sending to ten people or 10,000. You only need email addresses or cell phone numbers, and you can send instantly or schedule delivery for a future date. 

Corporate Gifting for Agencies

When it comes down to it, agencies are on the hook to deliver fresh, exciting solutions to their clients. By offering new and innovative ways to run gifting programs, GiftNow helps agencies position themselves as a cutting edge, innovative partner to their clients—with individualized gifts at scale.

To learn more about how GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management Platform can help agencies, download our Corporate Gifting for Agencies use case.

Kevin Payne is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing for GiftNow.

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