Corporate Events Gifts and The Lowest-Common-Denominator Problem

Executive Overview: The US corporate gifting market represents $242 billion, according to Coresight Research, and event gifts make up a good chunk of that. But, the lowest-common-denominator problem has pretty much existed as long as corporate events have and it’s become more of an issue over the last year. Because, as more and more events went virtual, it became harder than ever to make that personal connection. This is the corporate event gifts problem.

The Lowest Common Denominator Problem

Corporate events, including virtual conferences, webinars and trade shows aren’t exactly known for the incredible gifts (more branded stress balls and USB drives? Jackpot!). The reason for this is simple: When you’re giving gifts to hundreds or even thousands of attendees, it’s just about impossible to find an item that everyone will like. As the gifts become more broad in their appeal, they also inevitably become more generic—and ultimately more forgettable. We call this the Lowest-Common-Denominator Problem

The thing is, corporate event gifts are a powerful way to make a connection with an attendee that can lead to competitive differentiation—and isn’t that what you’re aiming for? And you want to make the event worth it—or, at the very least, express some token of gratitude to the attendees, and leave them with something to remember you by and make your event – and your brand – stand out.

While the lowest-common-denominator problem has pretty much existed as long as corporate events have, it’s become more of an issue over the last year. Because, as more and more events went virtual, it became harder than ever to make that personal connection. And one thing is for sure: generic, one-size-fits-nobody junk won’t cut it. You may just be wasting money on unwanted trinkets—not to mention the cost of shipping and storing them!

Solving the Corporate Event Gifts Problem

At GiftNow, we designed our corporate gifting solution to solve the lowest-common-denominator problem once and for all. As it turns out, we solved a few other things in the process, creating a powerful way to delight attendees with more personal, thoughtful gifts—at the speed and scale of enterprise. 

Here’s why event leaders turn to GiftNow and our Gift Experience Management (GXM) solution to solve their corporate gifting challenges:

GXM Lets You Give Better Event Gifts

Instead of giving a single gift—and hoping somehow it will be meaningful for the hundreds or thousands of people who may receive it—GiftNow allows you to give recipients a selection of gifts to choose from. (See how here.) What’s more, the quality and variety of GiftNow gift options are a step above what event attendees are used to. In addition to branded corporate gifts, GiftNow offers products from household names like Target, Uniqlo, Kenneth Cole and more. Recipients even have options beyond the gift list, like the option to swap for a gift card or even donate the dollar amount to charity. With GiftNow you can be confident that your gift will hit the mark—and leave a positive impression on attendees. 

By giving your attendees the option to select sizes and colors—before their gift actually ships—you can give events gifts you’d never consider giving in the past. Gifts like shoes, jewelry, shirts, etc. are now easily giftable to a wide audience of people.  

GiftNow also gives you the ability to make a more emotional impact with attendees through a delightful unboxing experience. You can customize the unboxing experience, and even brand it with your company logo and colors—all to help solidify that personal connection with the attendee and give them a memorable, positive association with your company. You can also attach a recorded video message that’s delivered with the unboxing experience for a more personal touch. 

GXM Helps You Save Time

Yes, GiftNow solves the lowest-common-denominator problem for event gifts. But there’s another big upside: no more wasted time. GiftNow’s white glove experts can hand-pick gifts appropriate for the recipients and work with you every step of the way (all while keeping the project on budget). You can rest easy knowing you’ve got a pro there to help you along the way—and you don’t have to pour valuable time into looking for gifts. 

Furthermore, since gifts are delivered digitally, and recipients enter their own shipping info, you don’t have to waste time (and money) transporting pallet loads of event swag. And since the physical gifts ship directly from the retailer to the attendee’s address, the days of inventory management are over. No more stacks of cardboard boxes. No more overflowing marketing closet. 

GXM is Enterprise-ready

GiftNow provides comprehensive gift tracking insights, so teams can see how attendees and customers are interacting with their promotional gifts. It’s fully-scalable, so it’s just as easy if you’re sending to 10 people or 10,000. You only need email addresses or mobile phone numbers, and you can send instantly or schedule delivery for a future date—like the last day of a virtual event or conference. 

It’s all purpose-built for the virtual world. With GiftNow, all gifts are delivered digitally. Not only does GiftNow solve the gift issue for virtual events, but there are no longer size limitations to the gifts they give (so they’re not stuck with travel mugs and keychains).  But more than that, as we return (hopefully soon) to in-person events, the benefits of digital gifting live on. Attendees can scan a QR code to pick out their favorite shirt or hat and pick the size and color. Viola! It will be shipped to them by the merchant. No need to deal with show floor inventory! No need for your guest to haul around something that may ultimately get tossed in the trash or left in their hotel room.

Put it all together and you’ve gone from lowest-common-denominator clutter to high-value, personal gift experiences—the kind that win hearts and minds. 

To learn more about GiftNow’s Gift Experience Management Platform for corporate gifting and virtual and in-person events, visit our corporate gifting overview here or check out our new video.

Jenn Muller is the CMO for GiftNow

Hero image credit: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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