Gifting Jewelry: Catbird Stays Personal in the Digital Age

I’ve written about how I find gifting jewelry to be extremely challenging – and anxiety producing. It’s great to see a jeweler, like Catbird, making investments to ensure gifting jewelry is accessible, personalized and easy.

Catbird jewelry being modeled

Catbird, the New York City-based jewelry company, recently celebrated its sixteenth year in business. Much of its success is a result of the great people and staying true to its mission – to sell fine jewelry with an emphasis on accessibility, and collaborate with great, local independent designers. The company manufactures its own line of unique jewelry in a Brooklyn, New York studio using ethically sourced gold and conflict-free stones and serve as a member of CFDA and No Dirty Gold.

Catbird’s Focus

However, the reason Catbird’s devoted customers keep coming back asking for their help to celebrate special occasions is because of its focus on providing a superior customer experience.

When a customer shops at Catbird – in store or online – what they will not experience is a pressure sell. By listening to customers — what they want and how they can serve them better, Catbird is always evolving its efforts to enhance the customer experience.

Catbird knows shopping for jewelry is a thoughtful, considered purchase. Additionally, they have come to appreciate that customers do not always have the luxury of time to come to its storefronts and often prefer to shop online. To provide the 1:1 attention a shopper receives in one of its stores, Catbird has continuously evolved its digital operations to make it easier to shop for oneself and infusing more joy in gifting jewelry to others.

It Starts with Catbird’s People

Catbird enabled its staff to become virtual consultants to help shoppers navigate their online jewelry shopping experience. Shoppers can book 1:1 virtual consulting appointments to help them with shopping or styling and receive the same level of attention they would in store. Catbird has seen a healthy stream of revenue resulting from its virtual consultant offering. However, Catbird knew it needed to do more for those gifting jewelry for a significant other or friend and give them that same high-touch experience.

A Go-To Jewelry Gifting Destination

Prior to its busy 2020 winter holiday season, Catbird sought additional digital capabilities that would allow shoppers interesting in gifting jewelry to others in the most personal and stress-free way possible. Catbird evaluated numerous technology providers and turned to GiftNow. GiftNow is focused on gift experience management – managing all facets of gifting operations from gifting merchandise and gift card enablement to gifting curation and personalized gift delivery.      

The capabilities provided by GiftNow were important to the jewelry company for several reasons. 

Catbird wanted to ensure its e-commerce operation remained a go-to gifting destination. Equally important, the jewelry company did not want a gift card to be viewed by a shopper as an unsentimental gift because they couldn’t figure out what to get their significant other or only started to think about it at the eleventh hour. GiftNow helped Catbird create that destination and mitigate that challenge.

How GiftNow Helped

With GiftNow, shoppers can digitally gift a piece of jewelry or a Catbird gift card to their significant other or friend and deliver a unique experience that the recipient will not soon forget. The recipient receives a personalized digital delivery with a beautiful unboxing experience that can include a personalized video or written greeting. They can then modify the piece of jewelry – select a different size or color before the piece ships or can apply the digital gift card to another item of their choice. The gift giver does not have to know the person’s ring or necklace size or whether they prefer white gold or silver.

It seems so straightforward on the surface, but this experience powered by GiftNow’s capabilities have boosted Catbird shoppers’ confidence and, because instant digital delivery eliminates shipping cut-offs, enabled Catbird to extend its shopping windows during critical holiday periods. 

The Results

The jewelry company’s Christmas 2020 sales saw an extended peak because shoppers were able to easily and thoughtfully digitally gift its pieces and gift cards in the days following Christmas Day. 

This trend continued during Valentine’s Day and more recently, this past Mother’s Day, May 9. For example, Catbird’s shipping cutoff for Mother’s Day was Thursday, May 6 yet the last-minute shopper was not deterred as the jeweler experienced a steady clip of digital gift and gift card sales in the three days that followed. 

GiftNow has also supplemented Catbird’s virtual consultants’ efforts, too. When customers are still unsure what piece of jewelry to choose as a gift, consultants are able to point them to the GiftNow option as an alternative.  

Staying True to the Mission

Catbird wants every customer to have the most joyful shopping and gifting experience. It is what its founder Rony Vardi set out to do more than sixteen years ago. Catbird has not wavered from that mission even as it continues to expand its e-commerce operations. They are ensuring gifting jewelry stays personal in this digital age thanks to great employees, strategy and technology partners.

Kevin Payne is Vice President of Corporate Marketing for GiftNow

Images used with the permission of Catbird

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