Black History Month 2022/Celebration of DEI

With the conversation about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the forefront, many companies are increasingly invested in embracing broader representation in the workplace. However, creating awareness and hiring diverse talent is just the start of the journey. Investment and backing of businesses led by people of color can also support the effort. Including Black History Month 2022 (AKA Black Excellence Month), there are many occasions celebrating inclusion in the workplace:

● International Women’s Day (during Women’s History Month)
● Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month
● Pride Month
● Hispanic Heritage Month
● American Indian Heritage Month

Black History Month 2022

Celebrating Black History Month 2022

In February, many celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black Americans. In recent years, that celebration has included supporting Black-owned businesses. At GiftNow, a Synchrony solution, we support activities that highlight Black leadership within the organization through our African American Network + (AAN), an employee resource group. This group hosts webinars and other events all month long like the AAN + Black History Month Associate Focus Panel and the Black History Month Celebration | Our Shared History.

Black History Month: Support through Gifting

Gifting is a means of expressing appreciation, gratitude, acknowledgement and love (among many other things). With so many functional applications, gifting can be a great way to engage with your team on a different level. As a working professional, I am quite invested in any organization’s commitment to driving the conversation forward. I am always observing teams that are finding new ways to engage. I think that gifting can be an asset and a creative addition to any organization’s DEI program. It can provide exposure to your team to new brands, illustrate your company’s commitment to DEI and uplift underrepresented voices.

With the GiftNow platform, facilitating an intentional multi-person gift can become seamless. Working with many of our partners who share our commitment to diversity, it is easy to find and support Black-owned businesses.

With curated experiences, the GiftNow team can help organizations explore new ways to celebrate employee resource groups. Our Gift Experience Management solution can curate an experience that will highlight products sold by Black-owned brands like Jolie Noire, J.Dow Fitness and Frères Branchiaux. At GiftNow, we have access to a broad collection of products to create a truly personalized experience.

Looking to enhance your team’s wellness? We’ve also partnered with Keys Soulcare: a Dermatologist-developed self-care line that offers clean skin-nourishing ingredients and soul-nurturing rituals. I have been obsessed with wellness over the past few years and am always looking for new products to add to my collection. A favorite of mine is the SAGE + OAT MILK VOTIVE CANDLE SET that is great for gifting and has a soothing scent that most will appreciate.

Make the Most of Black History Month

With GiftNow Gift Experience Management, your team will find new ways to celebrate DEI and Black History Month 2022 more seamlessly and effortlessly. With GiftNow Gift Experience Management, you can not only celebrate and support Black-owned businesses, but you can make gift giving a truly diverse and inclusive experience.

Hillary Murray is Campaign Marketing Manager for GiftNow

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