From A to Z: 26 Sources of Gift Inspiration

Inspiration to help you expand your gift giving practice beyond those typical gifting moments—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—into an everyday reason to celebrate the ones you love.

Gift occasions come with gift expectations—and we all have them. From birthdays to anniversaries to holidays, our personal calendar is full of gifting moments throughout the year.

But what if we looked at gift-giving as less of a necessity on certain days of the year and more as a way to enrich aspects of our everyday lives?

When you view gifting (even better, bold gifting) as a way to cultivate your relationships, inspiration comes in many forms. And with GiftNow, you can give without the extra stress of finding the perfect gift. Here’s an A-to-Z list to get your gift-giving gears turning.

26 Sources of Gift Inspiration

A: To start an adventure.

Whether you’re gifting a traveler, a day tripper, or a friend who’s simply looking for a fun idea for the weekend, a thoughtful gift can be the ticket to their next memory.

B: To build a future together.

Giving a thoughtful gift to your partner can help you build towards the next step in your relationship.

C: To commemorate a big moment.

Experiences are one of the most popular gifting categories today. To capture and remember a big moment spent with a loved one, a gift can serve as a souvenir and help you remember that special day.

D: To deepen your connection.

Gifts are a physical symbol of the connection you share with your recipient, and can deepen any connection.

E: To celebrate the everyday.

Every day presents a reason to celebrate and show your gratitude (or even simply add a spark to a mundane weekday)!

F: To feed their passion.

Passion often needs fuel to thrive—and some hobbies even require lots of gear. A simple gift can encourage and enable your loved one to do the things they love.

G: To give them a reason to believe.

Confidence can come from many places (including a gift that sparks courage or belief).

H: To reward years of hard work.

Loyalty can be hard to come by in an employee. Gifts are a great way to reward their hard work at important milestones, or even just because.

I: As an invitation.

Hosting a party or get-together? Invite VIP guests with GiftNow to show how much you’d love them to come.

J: Just because.

Our favorite reason to gift: Just because.

K: To kick back.

Your loved one’s favorite place to relax could use a new gadget or accessory to make it even more tranquil—give a gift to help them breathe easy.

L: To spark a laugh.

We all have that one friend who we can’t stop laughing around. Return the favor with a gift reflecting their humor!

M: To move an important conversation forward.

A token of hospitality in the form of a gift represents your thoughtfulness. This can be used to your advantage in strategic conversations you’re looking to push to the next stage.

N: To calm their nerves.

Sometimes, feelings of concern emerge from feelings of being alone. Giving a gift can show a simple gesture of solidarity that inspires confidence for a big moment.

O: To offer a helping hand.

We’ve all been in situations where a gift or thoughtful gesture was exactly what we needed (a time of grief, recovery, etc.). These moments are opportunities to give a useful gift that will ease a burden or fulfill a need.

P: For years of partnership.

Anniversaries are a typical gift-giving occasion, but it’s never too late to start a new tradition beyond the traditional anniversary gift calendar.

Q: To quiet any concerns.

A gift can mean the difference between 90% sure and 100% sure, when given the right way.

R: To return the favor.

Thank-yous are customary, but why not pay it forward and return the favor for a gift well given?

S: To start a new tradition.

From Taco Tuesdays to secret handshakes to half-birthdays, traditions can come from anywhere—including gifting within a specific category, theme, or at a specific time of year.

T: To say thank you.

Sending a gift with GiftNow in lieu of a thank-you card allows you to express gratitude in a new, fun way.

U: To unlock a new door.

Gift-giving shows how well you listen, as well as how well you know a person. These are key elements to moving into new positions, professionally and in other realms.

V: For your Valentine.

Though Valentine’s Day gifts for him or for her are a common gifting occasion, you can use the gifting spirit to keep your romance alive long before (or after) February 14.

W: To sweeten a win.

Victory is sweet. Sweeten a pivotal win with a gift that makes them feel special.

X: To extend an unforgettable moment.

OK, we cheated a little with x, but who wouldn’t enjoy a gift that helps you live in the moment a little longer?

Y: To wrap up another year.

The end of the year is always considered a great time to reflect on the past and set intentions for the future. As part of that yearly wrap-up, gifting can help you in both ways—thanking a loved one for their role in your past year or tee up a great year ahead.

Z: To zero in on an opportunity.

Cut through the noise—giving a gift shows you have good intentions and can set you apart when pursuing a new opportunity.

There are thousands of reasons and ways to gift beyond holidays and birthdays. Sweeten a win, offer a helping hand, or start an adventure with these points of gifting inspiration in mind.

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