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Gift Experience Management

Welcome to the Gifting Economy.

Find out why Gift Experience Management™ is the most comprehensive solution for gifting ever created.

gift experience management (gxm)

GiftNow’s holistic Gift Experience Management (GXM) platform takes the friction out of gifting — letting gifters send gifts digitally in seconds via email or text. Recipients receive a personalized gift notification and can then modify or exchange the gift on their device, before it ships. And it’s not just about retail. Our holistic GXM solution means better experiences for all kinds of giving, from sales gifts or conference swag to HR gifts—and a whole lot more.

gift experience management for retail

Finally, gifting that works for retailers.

Get more shopping days in a year. Put an end to exchanges. Reduce shipping costs. Improve customer acquisition. All while delivering the kind of personalized experiences that turn customers into lifelong fans.
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corporate gifting for sales

Gifting is good for business.

Consider this the end of boring corporate gifts. Use personalized and engaging gift experiences to nurture leads, create better sales relationships, build loyalty, and improve events—and boost your revenue.
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why gift experience management?

Get your gifts in order.

The GiftNow GXM platform improves gift experiences by gathering all gifting data and insights into a safe, central location to deliver a holistic view of gifting efforts across your organization. By creating a central, accessible place where all gifting data can be managed and analyzed, GXM empowers teams to make strategic decisions—and creates order out of chaos.
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The Gifting Economy by the Numbers

  • $ 730B

    Projected Retail Holiday Sales (2019) 1

  • $ 125B

    Market for Non-Cash Business Gifts 2

  • $ 163B

    2019 Spend on Gift Cards 3

Benefits of the GXM Platform

  • Holistic

    Our comprehensive platform can be fully integrated into your business and works as a single solution for all your gifting programs.


    Our elegant interface and clear calls to action lead users through the flow of selecting, buying and exchanging gifts—whether they’re digital natives or online shopping novices.


    GiftNow is focused on gifting innovation and partner success. We’re evolving the gifting market as contextual gifting and omnichannel opportunities grow and new markets emerge.


    Gifting should always be about the experience and making that personal connection. Whether it’s a digital product or a digital gift card, high-quality, personalized unboxing animations and video can make the gift experience customized, unique, meaningful, and memorable.


    Our liability protection program maximizes approval rates and reduces false declines. Plus, solid network security, and PCI and accessibility compliance keep you—and your customers—fully protected.

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